Going The Distance

Alphabet Movie challenge: day 13

Marathons I watched

Answer: Robin Hood

*you just can't quit me, can you?*
*you just can’t quit me, can you?*

When I was watching Robin Hood for the first time,

I covered all three series in a little over two weeks.

after 5hrs. the TV asked me if I was still watching...
after 5hrs. the TV asked me if I was still watching…

I’ve had an unusually busy day today so I’m going to go the easy route with this one and just post some of my favorite pictures from different episodes,

in no particular order.







non-Armitage answer:

TV:Lost, Freaks and Geeks, Monarch of the Glenn

Movies:Harry Potter, Twilight, James Bond

I’ve never watched a Marathon in a cinema, I can barely make it through one movie without having to run to the bathroom at least once! at home I don’t consume gallon sized drinks in one sitting though…