Fanvid Friday: Stay

a North & South fanvid by TeaRoseProductions

Most North & South fanvids I’ve seen simply retell the story but this one focuses on the feelings themselves; I like the tone that comes across in the video because of that. We see John Thornton in his sincerity, the different feelings that consume him, not just the brooding and heartsickness; the scenes that are chosen really show the honesty in his face. And by the same token, Margaret’s eyes show her confusion instead of her haughtiness. I also really like the personal touches of the clock and the telescope lens effect.

My favorite parts? I’m not sure I can break them down into pieces because I like the video as a whole, it flows so well! I do like the opening with Thornton’s profile in the mill, there’s a softness to it without evoking fluffiness or sadness but just him being pensive, like a painting “Mill Owner, Lost in Thought”. and then it moves on to show that same profile looking out the window: the way he juts his chin up to steady himself. that little gesture sends a big wallop straight to my soul! The changes in the music during those parts helps those feelings along wonderfully.

I also really like the way Margaret and John give each other that long look at the :47 mark, before Margaret dips her head down. And then when he abruptly turns away from her at 1:34, how her body is then almost pulled toward him of it’s own volition. I can feel that one physically!

I’ve fallen even more in love with this vid as I’ve written this post. maybe it’s one of those “right time, right place” instances that we’ve been talking about lately in regards to the effect North & South can have on some of us but right here-right now, the John and Margaret that I see in this video have reached something inside of me that has been closed off to them before.

Delayed Gratification

I avoided watching North & South for the longest time.

*don't panic, let her finish*
*don’t panic, let her finish*

It seemed like just another Mr. Darcy-Pride & Prejudice deal to me.

I don't remember *this* happening in P&P...
I don’t remember *this* happening in P&P…

I liked Pride & Prejudice, but I just wasn’t up for that kind of frustrating delayed gratification at the moment. Plus, I was pretty sure Margaret would get on my last nerve, with her strong-mindedness and prejudice towards the working class northerners.

Finally one evening after watching Vicar of Dibley with some internet friends in a chat session, we decided to tackle North & South the following night.

*Huh. Harry doesn't seem like the Purple Porsche type*
*Huh. Harry doesn’t seem like the Purple Porsche type*

I cheated a bit though, finding the kissing scene on youtube the next day

and watching it too many times to count.

I was pleasantly surprised with North & South.

For starters, I didn’t hate Margaret.

*wait. why would she not like me?*
*wait. why would she not like me?*

Her decisions annoyed me but she was quite likable, all things considered.

*oh, I don't know. your harsh rejection of me, perhaps?*
*oh, I don’t know. your harsh rejection of me, perhaps?*

And then there was Mr. Thornton.

"at your service!"
“at your service!”

There was nothing about the quiet, resolute and respectable mill owner that I did not like.

I understood John’s way of thinking and his reactions to the world around him.

I'd kick some ass too, if I were him
I’d kick some ass too, if I were him

Margaret on the other hand…

I knew why she was acting the way that she was (naivety)

but I was constantly shaking my head at her,

especially in regards to her well-meaning yet mildly offensive charity endeavors.

"when you assume, you make an ass out of u and me"
“when you assume, you make an ass out of u and me”

But after finally watching North & South

It wasn’t hard to understand what all the swooning was about!