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24.) movie musical you would like Richard to star in

The Sound of Music


Richard as Captain Von Trapp could be swoony, don’t you think? The gruff widowed father who has become detached from his gaggle of children because they remind him of his wife and much happier times, rediscovers life and love through their unconventional nanny. I don’t necessarily think The Sound of Music itself needs to be remade but maybe a loose adaptation, set in modern times.


and if a way could be found to keep the waltz in, all the better!

music question: a song you like from a musical/children’s movie

Santa Fe from Newsies (the movie)

I’ve been happy to see the current popularity of this musical. It’s a good story, centering around the newsboys strike of 1899, with enjoyable dancing and catchy songs but like any adaptation, things have been changed. I don’t mind the changes much, except for when they took out my favorite lyric, the one that I instantly related to and has been near and dear to my heart for years. yeah, I didn’t like when they did that. at all.


When I dream on my own
I’m alone but I ain’t lonely
For a dreamer nights the only time of day

A few fun facts from the original movie version:

-it wasn’t popular with the masses when it was first released but the loyalty and persistence of the fans finally resulted in it’s wider release onto home video, years later.

-it wasn’t a musical when Christian Bale first signed on and initially he was not thrilled with the change but he threw himself into it, just the same. (seeing a 17 yr. old Christian Bale dance and sing, with an over exaggerated New York accent and his trademark lisp, is so worth it!)

-a few years ago, Christian spent some time in Santa Fe for work and said this song was on a running loop in his head, which was both humorous and annoying.