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39.) Photoshoot that makes you smile

David Venni, tagged


I often cite the David Venni photoshoot as my favorite photoshoot overall but the tagged bunch in particular makes me smile. the grey suit with surrounding walls are my favorite, lighthearted but meaningful. it just occurred to me that maybe he’s trying to look fierce?


the hands are prominent throughout the entire series, it’s something that heavily influences my fondness for the shoot as a whole.


and there’s just something about that blue shirt and accompanying facial scruff that I can’t seem to tear my eyes away from!


I’m not sure why these particular shots were overlooked in the untagging process but I still enjoy them, regardless.


⭐ ⭐ ⭐

music question: a song that makes you smile

I wanna be sedated by the Ramones

it helps me find the humor in exasperating situations (which are often of my own making..)

Hurry hurry hurry before I go insane I can’t control my fingers I can’t control my brain


Music & More Challenge


38.) of the RA dvds that you own, which one could you not live without?

The Vicar of Dibley: the handsome stranger


I don’t think that came as a surprise to anyone, did it? I don’t own a lot of Richard’s films to begin with but if I could only keep one, it would have to be Harry.


that choice is not necessarily based on which film I think is the best or which film I think Richard was better in but rather which film makes me feel good. I often turn to The Handsome Stranger when I’m in need of a pick-me-up. it’s an easy program to watch, fun and light, no matter which point in the story you’re watching. sometimes I’ll watch certain scenes when I only have a few minutes to spare.


The Date is a favorite of mine–spot on comic delivery



The Walk makes me feel all warm and fuzzy



as does The Goodnight Kiss



I like the bit with Rosie too, when Harry gets all bashful



and The Proposal scene too, of course



I’m also fond of scenes that don’t have Harry in them: when Alice thinks she’s going to Narnia, or the book club meeting, or Jim’s Agony Aunt letters. it’s just an all around good time and I’d surely miss it if I could never see it again.



⭐ ⭐ ⭐


music question: a song you couldn’t live without


there isn’t really one song that I couldn’t absolutely live without and really, if I never hear a certain song again, it will still live on inside my head.  so I’m tweaking this question a bit to: the song that always seems to end up on my mp3 player, regardless of the tone I try to set with my choices. and that would be


Freak the Freak Out by Victoria Justice


I know, right? but this song is definitely a pick-me-up. I cannot listen to this song and not bob my head around to the music or sing out the lyrics. it lets me get my frustrations out and often leaves me with a sense of empowerment.


I’m so sick of it,
Your attention deficit
Never listen, never listen.

Young at Heart

Music & More Challenge


37.) favorite recent candid


Richard “exercising” at the park during his tour of China. I find this one endearing because it’s playful and so normal. if I were there I’d have jumped on one of those as well, just to try it out. and laughing like a kid–just like Richard.

Music Question: newest/most modern song you love

I think that would be Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud. It’s just an all around pleasant sounding song and the lyrics are sweet. It speaks to a universal fear as we get older, will we still be enough as our looks fade? the music video is enjoyable too. the dance moves are fluid, classic, and sensual. the fact that Ed Sheeran himself is taking part, adds a level of sweetness to go along with the lyrics.

“Will your mouth still remember

the taste of my love?

Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?”

I Prefer Morris

Music & More Challenge

36.) what is the last fanfic you read?

Raising Nemo by Zeesmuse

Nemo is a stray puppy that was found by Into the Storm’s Gary Fuller (It surprises me when I see his last name as Fuller. I still think of it as”Morris” in my head). Gary’s boys have gone off to college, leaving an empty house behind for their single father. Gary is feeling a bit lost without them so, against his better judgement, he decides to keep the puppy. he soon finds that having a dog is like raising another child. Between his dog making constant messes of things and being overworked and taken advantage of in his job, Gary is trying to weather the transition in stride. He’s often clueless though; good thing he’s become friendly with that cute woman who works at the pet store…

do not forget to let the dog out. trust.
do not forget to let the dog out. trust.

music question: a song by the last band you saw play live

Pilot Speed

I question that because I saw them 6 years ago, has it really been that that long since I saw a band play live? wow. I listen to small time bands at local festivals and in pubs, etc. but it’s been awhile since I purchased a ticket to specifically see a band. at any rate, Pilot Speed is memorable for me because I liked the way their lead singer periodically stopped playing his piano in order to clap his hands or sway them around to the beat of the song.


Here We Go Again

Music & More Challenge

35.) movie/episode you’ve watched twice in one sitting

Take a wild guess on that one…

The Vicar of Dibley: the handsome stranger
The Vicar of Dibley: the handsome stranger

I get distracted and so I go back to watch a second time for the actual story. things I get distracted by:


the stripey sweater and the way Harry says “well, there you go”


that whole “hint of softness underneath” bit


that cute little barrette in Geraldine’s hair


the glasses


the configuration of those cottages


how cute and stylish Rosie is


everything about the dream sequence


how the awkwardness clashes with that wallpaper


the way Harry clasps his hands while kissing Geraldine


I get distracted by much more but that’s enough for now!

music question:  a song you listen to twice in a row

Sort Of by Ingrid Michaelson

the lyrics always end up distracting me from the song as a whole. they are apt for me in many ways.


And if I was stronger then I would tell you no
if I was stronger then I would leave this show
And if I was stronger then I would up and go
But here I am and here we go again

so I come back and listen to the song a second time because it really is a nice sounding song all on it’s own.