Bringing Back Socks with Sandals

My subconscious must be on board with me getting back into the “RA” swing of things because I had a dream about Richard last night.


my son and I were attending a community theatre event that Richard was taking part in. he did a read through of various classic pieces and then at the end, the organizers recognized Richard with a certificate of thanks. when he went to give his little speech though, he flubbed it up. but Richard being Richard, he made fun of himself, abandoned the speech he had written (which he randomly gave to an audience member) and then ad libbed the rest.


afterwards Richard was mingling with those in attendance. I was watching him but trying not to be obvious about it, which was hard to do with such a small group of people. Richard had put on some weight which made his face look rounder and he was sporting the beginnings of a mustache, hopefully for a role because it looked a bit odd on him. it was a casual event so he was dressed in jeans

YES! Funky Button Jeans, oh how I've missed you
Funky Button Jeans, oh how I’ve missed you.

and a plain t-shirt, but also the slip-on type of sports sandals that my son wears with socks. at least they were black and not blue. because it’s the color that would worry us…


as Richard walked by to talk to the group seated behind us, I tensed up and froze. my son thought this was amusing and so started teasing me about it, saying Richard and I are two peas in a pod because I would flub up anything I would try to say to him, just like he did with his speech. I think Richard heard us, because he spotted us laughing and then walked our way, stopping in front of us. don’t freak out! don’t freak out! 

we’re gonna be cool…like Fonzie

Richard comically raised his eyebrow at my son and made a teasing remark about recognizing his laughter from the speech mishap. then he joked that he meant to do it, wanting to teach the youth how to just keep going when they forget their lines. my face was starting to hurt because: schoolgirl giggling syndrome.


he then went on to ask how we were enjoying the event. I smiled as I elbowed my son and said that while Richard’s acting was enjoyable to watch, it was the fact that he chose to wear socks with his sandals that impressed my son the most. this got a hearty laugh from Richard, the kind that made his eyes twinkle and his whole face light up


throwing my son under the bus in order to get that reaction was totally worth it. Parenting tip: if your kid’s not embarrassed, you’re doing it wrong. The End.



because Guylty loves me, she threw down the blogging gauntlet and created a Challenge! you know it is impossible for me to resist answering challenge questions. this one is a little different because it’s actually about our blogs, the history of how we got started and what our most popular posts are, etc. it ties right in with my “looking back” theme and so I’m really excited about it. I hope other bloggers do it too, it could be a nice way for us to reconnect with each other. so keep an eye out for those questions here and other places around the blogosphere!