Friday is my 1 year blogiversary. I’ve been blogging, at least twice a week-sometimes more- about Richard Armitage, for a whole year. Wow. That needs to sink in. In thinking about the past year, how I discovered Richard and why I started this blog, etc. I became a bit nostalgic and my heart came pouring out of the pen, without any permission from me! So unruly sometimes, those thoughts and feelings. They wrote a poem.

I wrote a poem about Richard Armitage.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m in this thing at a level I’ve never been before.

close up, textured blue tie


(dedicated to Richard Armitage)

The charisma, I expected

that certain kind of grace

The way an actor mystifies

using body and the face;

I did not expect the rapture

or how I’d be consumed

By those soulful, searing, searching eyes

when they found me in that room;

The secrets they kept hidden

haunted me for days

What other tales and narratives

could this raconteur convey?

Soon I found a treasure trove,

metaphors galore!

Villains, Spies, and Outcasts

awaiting at my door;

His eyes, they weaved such mystery

that voice, how it emotes!

Even the limbs drew me in

and his heart, it does devote;

The discovery was unexpected,

a fortuitous happenstance

But the symphonies he frees in me

will always find a dance.

~Kelly (kelbel75)

Eeek! I’m going to run away now…

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