A Tale of Two Philips

Philip Turner

from Inspector Lynley Mysteries: in Divine Proportion


Philip Durrant

from Marple: Ordeal by Innocence


Both suspects in two different murder mysteries.

Philip Durrant is a disagreeable fellow who ends up in a wheel-chair, due to Polio. Think: Guy of Gisborne, in wool instead of leather.


Philip has been trying to get control of his wife’s money, while having countless affairs through the years.

there's a lady-friend behind that door *shh*
there’s a lady behind that door *shh*

His wife seems a bit uptight

ice cold

but that’s no reason to prey on her emotionally unstable, younger sister.

-is that hair barrette serving a purpose? I must know!-
is that hair barrette serving a purpose? I must know!

I’m not really a fan of this Philip. In fairness though, we don’t learn a whole lot about his character. Maybe he was never hugged as a child.

Heinz, is that you?
Heinz, is that you?

Now Philip Turner, on the other hand, I like much better.


In a I-know-I-should-stay-away but I-just-can’t-help-myself kind of way. Why is that? The opening scene, with the unmistakable voice, making all kinds of positive noise perhaps?  This Philip is the “other man” to a married woman. We’re led to believe that it’s nothing close to love, but if the man wants to spend the night, let him! Waking up to this:


would not be a bad thing (and might have kept you alive, just sayin’).

Philip did take part in the town “secret” though,

-should we paint the town red?... no, that only works if you're Clint Eastwood-
helpful suggestion: paint the town red. it worked for Clint Eastwood!

and suffered for it.

-I won't look where they're all looking, I won't!-
I won’t look where they’re all looking, I won’t!

So what do you think? Do both Philips belong in the Loathe Him club, or should Turner get a pass?