Too Good to Be True

Music & More Challenge

14.) the first photoshoot you saw

The Glamour photoshoot


My first “posed” Richard Armitage was the fuzzy grey lapel overcoat in front of the yellow taxi cab. The hair was impeccable, the look smouldering, the face old Hollywood handsome.


The waistcoat was classic, the slacks perfectly fitted,

the forearms…


He looked too good to be true. I was mistrustful. I had to find out more about him: his work, his personality, his everyday style, before I would give in. I very rarely make split second decisions; I needed to research a bit more.


I researched a lot

and it was so worth it.


music question: the first song you heard from your favorite artist

Dead and Done by Bobby Long

I’m dead and I’m done, by the heat of the sun

and I’ll rest my hat in an autumn field.

(you can read more about Bobby on my other blog )

Hickory Dickory Dock



When I see pics from this photoshoot, I think a variety of things (all good) but what I always focus on are those Bell-Bottoms. A mouse could easily run up those jeans, I speak from experience…

Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the clock


When I was 19 and still living at home with my parents, I had a pet mouse. Her name was Hershey because she was the color of Milk Chocolate. My boyfriend at the time had a pet snake.

*I have a pet snake too...*
I have a pet snake too…

He bought me the mouse for Easter, after I heard the feeder mice we bought at the pet store scream when they were placed in the cage with the snake.


Hershey had babies but only one survived (she ate the others) We named him Pat, after the character from a Saturday Night Live skit, because we couldn’t tell what sex he was for the longest time.

*if you take a peek under here, I guarantee you won't be confused*
if you take a peek under here, I guarantee you won’t be confused

One day while cleaning Pat’s cage I dropped him, after he bit me! My mother and I herded him behind a bookcase and hatched a plan to catch him: Mom would chase him out, while I trapped him in a small plastic trashcan. We didn’t share the plan with Pat, so he scurried right past me, of course.

*send him my way, nothing can get past this smolder*
send him my way, nothing can get past this smolder

When he met the wall, he swiftly turned right back around and into my floppy trouser leg, as I knelt on the floor.

*the suspense!*
the suspense!

I jumped up and proceeded to freak the freak out! The mouse didn’t stop running, he moved up my thigh and around to my backside! I was jumping around like a lunatic while my mother was reduced to a ball of laughter on the floor.

The clock struck one, the mouse ran down


I stripped off those trousers, lightening quick! with my leg rooted in the trashcan to catch the mouse on his way back down.


It was at this point that I happened to catch a glimpse of the window, where the paperboy was frozen in place, watching me jump around in my underwear with my foot in a trashcan.

*so that's where that dance came from!*
so that’s where that dance came from!

Hickory Dickory Dock

Happy 100th Post!
Happy 100th Post!

I Just Don’t Like It

Richard Armitage 30 day challenge

22.) your least favorite photo


I don’t despise this photo, I just…don’t like it. It’s blue, I should like that. It highlights his eyes, I should like that. The shirt is unbuttoned at the collar, I should like that. I just…don’t.

There are other photos that I don’t like, either because of his hair or the angle it’s shot or the clothes he’s wearing,etc. but I explain those all away as just a bad shot. Maybe it’s the fact that this one that I don’t like gets used to represent him so often? He looks like a Soap-Opera star, or maybe a romance novel rogue. I don’t know, I just don’t like it.

The Leg Bone’s Connected to the…

Richard Armitage 30 day challenge

10.) Q: your favorite body part(s)

Answer: eyes, thumb, long legs


this blogging every day thing is harder than it looks!

so no commentary today, just pretty pictures…







Explosion of Blue

Richard Armitage 30 day challenge

5.) Q: your favorite photoshoot?

A: David Venni

banner made by me

It was difficult for me to pick a favorite photo-shoot. I never seem to like all of the pictures from any one shoot, but at the same time, really love a few specific ones.

Like this one:


or this one:


and most definitely this one:

it’s my absolute favorite photo-shoot picture of Richard Armitage. The challenging stance, the cocky look on his face, and all that explosion of blue!

I like the “stop!” hand gesture picture too:

Some of the shots have odd background choices or poses that are too flashy for my tastes though.




shots that focus on the hands are able to distract me, in a good way:


Unfortunately, a lot of this shoot remains tagged. There is a nice collection of them on the Richard Armitage Bulgaria Facebook page.


I do have a fondness for blue ❤