Taking Care of Business

Music & More Challenge

34.) career you’d like to see RA portray

Hmm. Nothing automatically came to my mind for this one, so I had to think on it a bit. I started by considering the types of occupations I generally see in the television programs that I watch: Vigilantes ( Person of Interest), Detectives (Gotham), and Scientists (The Big Bang Theory). All good occupations but somewhat cliche.

an Intelligence Officer is kind of like a Detective, isn't it?
an Intelligence Officer is kind of like a Detective, isn’t it?

Things that I like to watch in reruns might be a little more promising: cooking competitions and home renovation shows (Chefs and Contractors). A Chef sounded intriguing to me at first but so many of them have ego issues and get all pretentious about their food (cheeseburger and cola girl here, remember?) though it can be mesmerizing to watch their hands


While I enjoy certain kinds of visuals in the renovation shows, what I enjoy most is the geeky technical talk; weatherstripping and flashing and caulking, oh my!

talk dirty to me!

The more I watch these shows though, the more I lament the fact that I don’t actually like to cook and I do not live in the Craftsman style house with the stained glass windows, wood burning fireplace and abundance of woodwork, of my dreams



I remembered a series of Tumblr posts that portrayed Richard in various occupations, so I went in search of them to give me some other ideas. As I browsed through the mrpuddingston blog and was smiling at things like the Kindergarten Teacher and laughing at things like the Circus Performer, I came across something that made my heart stop. I had found my answer:


Richard Armitage- Pirate

this is both brilliant and slightly crazy, which is why I love it!

(special thanks to Crystal Chandlyre for showcasing the Vocationship creations)

music question: a song with your favorite guitar riff

any number of songs by Led Zeppelin.

they were one of my favorite bands in Middle School. I wrote the band name on all my covered text books and my notebooks too. I even painted it on my skateboard, along with a really horrible attempt at recreating Jimmy Page’s twin neck guitar. since I usually link a song here in answer to the question, I’m going to go with Black Dog. It reminds me of family camping vacations and cross-country road trips.