Young at Heart

Music & More Challenge


37.) favorite recent candid


Richard “exercising” at the park during his tour of China. I find this one endearing because it’s playful and so normal. if I were there I’d have jumped on one of those as well, just to try it out. and laughing like a kid–just like Richard.

Music Question: newest/most modern song you love

I think that would be Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud. It’s just an all around pleasant sounding song and the lyrics are sweet. It speaks to a universal fear as we get older, will we still be enough as our looks fade? the music video is enjoyable too. the dance moves are fluid, classic, and sensual. the fact that Ed Sheeran himself is taking part, adds a level of sweetness to go along with the lyrics.

“Will your mouth still remember

the taste of my love?

Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?”