Nope Nope Nope

When Richard’s role as Francis Dolarhyde in the upcoming season of Hannibal was first announced, I was ambivalent.

seems he was serious about wanting to play the dragon
I guess he was serious about wanting to play the dragon


After reading up on the character I was uncertain that I would be able to dive into that kind of atmosphere as wholeheartedly as I might wish, due to my brain’s habit of over-thinking the psychological aspects of the storyline. I was right. After watching just two episodes of the series, the dreaded dreams did show up for an unwelcome visit.

off with you! you're not wanted here!
do not pass go. do not collect $200.


I turned to the original story in book form instead. I liked the feel of the book better than the television program (Will seemed less neurotic, for starters) but it opened me up to Francis in a way that was becoming uncomfortable, so I put that on the back burner as well.

I know you're there but I'm ignoring you.
I know you’re there but I’m ignoring you.


Then last week talk seemed to center around Francis again and it got me to thinking about the character, wondering if Richard’s portrayal would evoke sympathy from me and to what degree. And wouldn’t you know it, the dreams showed up again last night. One was dark but easy enough to push aside, the other though- not so much. It placed me in the role of Francis Dolarhyde, breaking into my real life house via the glass-cutting method, and concluding with the decision of where I should strike first: the children’s rooms or the master bedroom, where I could hear my own voice conversing with my husband behind the door…needless to say, I have been a jittery mess all day! This feeling of shadows jumping at my back was a constant in my life at one time; I am not enjoying the reunion.

I know some crazed killer is creeping around in the other room but I refuse to acknowledge his presence.
a crazed killer is creeping around in the other room but I refuse to acknowledge him.


So I think this is a clear indication that I will not be able to follow this particular role of Richard’s closely. And I’m bummed about that. I didn’t get to take part in The Crucible experience and now the thrill of Hannibal is going to pass me by as well.  I’ll still experience it through video clips and screen captures somewhat and Richard is bound to give interviews about it, along with the various posts and comments of fans sharing their reactions to it; I won’t be able to resist all of that! Maybe I can stay far enough removed from it to just enjoy it at face value? but, but, I love layers! *grumps* Here’s hoping that upcoming projects are more to my taste.


I know I’m not alone in sitting this one out. what will your approach be as the air date gets closer?