On Second Thought

Blog Introspection Challenge

9.) Which post do you regret writing?

“Words”, because it’s stupid! It’s in line with the type of thing that I would send to those who have known me forever and are used to my dorky ways. I’m not sure some of my readers were ready for that yet.



Sometimes I will send e-mails where I only communicate with song lyrics, or I make everything rhyme. one time I sent my pen-pal a ransom note, complete with text cut from magazines, requesting payment in chocolate if he ever wanted to hear from me again. I’ve sent fake telegrams, memos, and corresponded through fake personal assistants–like Richard’s “Spooksperson”. 

MTB. I keep telling you...
MTB. I keep telling you.


so when I was experiencing writing block and feeling dissatisfied with the atmosphere around me, I reverted back to that way of communicating-without-really-saying-anything, including annoyingly long children’s song lyrics (with random words of my own thrown in) because I felt like I had to post something. I really just wanted to post gifs of Harry. next time I’ll try to listen to that first instinct. well, maybe not the first instinct; safer to stick with the second.



⭐ if you haven’t read Richard’s interview with Cybersmile yet, go dew it! it’s very much in line with my way of thinking and a welcome reminder of why I continue to admire this man.


Upsetting For So Many Reasons

Alphabet Movie challenge: day 23

Wish I never watched

Answer: Spooks, series 9


If you have a different answer to this one, I’d sure like to hear it 😕 I think it’s pretty universal among Richard Armitage fans that Spooks series 9 was upsetting for so many reasons.

heartbreaking when his voice catches during this scene!
heartbreaking when his voice catches during this scene!

That’s not to say that the whole series is a bust, just those last few. We do get introduced to Demetri and Beth in this series, both enjoyable additions.



we get to hear this



see this


but this

is all that is remembered…


(non-Armitage answer: The Blair Witch Project 😮 )