Fanvid Friday: 2fer

Fanvid Friday…on a Saturday. I was busy having an identity crisis yesterday, sorry! So, I’m giving you a 2fer. Both of Sir Guy, and both by Delicate Blossom.

Drives Me Crazy:

What I really love about this one is Guy’s reactions to the “eww, eww”s of the chorus. The timed smirks, sneers, head tilts, chin waves,etc., they crack me up!

and then a more serious one, Hurt:

Perfect song choice for Guy, don’t you think? The flow is so smooth in this video, Guy’s facial expressions meld together with the music in a really nice way. There are those little editing moments that I love so much too, like how the lyric “you can have it all” is matched up with Guy removing the blindfold from Marian, or Guy’s wide-eyed shock during the “I will make you hurt” part.  I really like the mix of moving scenes and still images as well, along with the black and white shading. Plus, I’ve just always loved this song.


Fanvid Friday: I’m Gonna Lose You

Guy/Marian fanvid by elvirasweeney

I really like this one. Well, I like all the ones I’ve posted for Fanvid Friday (duh, that’s why I featured them) but this one has a way of sticking in my mind and it leaves me thinking about it days afterward. not in a “reliving the story” kind of way, but just the visual images and the way they’re edited to the music.

This video highlights very well the way that Guy shows his thoughts and feelings through his facial expressions. And the various frames that are frozen, distorted, moved down and side-to-side, etc. with the editing effects add to that in a very meaningful way. I just want to reach out and caress their faces!

My favorite parts are the “driving me crazy!” lyric that’s paired with the “get my horse!” scene


and the “tearing me apart” sequence at 1:21, along with the side-burns shot at 1:46


but that ending pic at 3:45, as it goes through the different shades of coloring, just does me in. perfect ending to a very enjoyable Guy video.


Fanvid Friday: She Visits Me

She Visits Me by MoonlightRus

Guy and Marian

I like the soft focus used in this, it reminds me of the soft focus that I enjoy so much in the My Confession fanvid. it also celebrates this scene too, which always makes me melt (eyes)


and this one too (lips)


my favorite part is when Guy gifts Marian the horse. his approving smirk as she rides away at 2:o5 tugs at my heart. he appreciates and encourages the things that make her unique. wonder what that feels like? kelbel is feeling bitter and melancholy tonight. Guy understands bitter and melancholy


Fanvid Friday: Pieces

Pieces, Guy of Gisborne, by mccpepper

I think this is the first RA fandom fanvid that I bookmarked and watched repeatedly. I only had a vague idea at that time who the character of Guy was and what story surrounded him, but this video was so beautiful that it didn’t matter if I understood the storyline completely or not.

It opens with those lovely piano chords and how it marks different emotional moments in Guy’s past each time those keys are pressed down so precisely. The piano rolls into a melody as scenes pass by, then the guitar breaks in as Guy wanders through the woods, scared and on guard.


Next come the lyric/image match-ups that I always enjoy so much:

“I’ve lost so much along the way”- Marian dying in Guy’s arms

“Then I see your face and I know I’m finally yours”- faces of the important women in his life: Meg, Marian, Isabella

I come to you in pieces, so you can make me whole


The melody starts to change and we see Guy comforting Marian, then it speeds up and we sporadically see scenes of Guy fighting and getting physically hurt. It climaxes with the Sheriff slapping him

I tried so hard

We end with the death scene, interspersed with happy memories, as Marian moves through the woods towards Guy (I really like how this is reworked so that it pertains to Guy instead of Robin). She reaches out her hand

you call my name, I come to you in pieces

(Marian, the love of my life)

so you can make me whole


Favorite Cover

Music & More Challenge

7.) favorite DVD cover


I like the colors and the logo. I also like the hint at a forest in the background with the shafts of light coming through. I like Robin in the front with his hood up and the quiver of arrows on his back, and then the other members of the cast in an arrow formation behind him. If I had no idea what this program was about, I’d be intrigued by this cover.

and the Music question

favorite cover version of a song: Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Eric Clapton

This is one of those songs that I like all different kinds of versions of. This one is live, with a lot of Eric Clapton’s signature guitar sound, but I love how the audience gets involved by clapping too. It makes me feel good.

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high,
There’s a land that I heard of once in a lullaby.
Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue,
And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.

and my other favorite cover, is a dark green fleece that I have to fight with my cats to use…