Do’s and Don’ts

RA Character challenge

14.) A Character You Think is a Bad Role Model

Guy of Gisborne

Guy is a prime example of how not to act.

⭐ Don’t align yourself with someone as despicable as the Sheriff

⭐ Don’t force your attentions on women who don’t respect you

⭐ Don’t let spoiled outlaws get under your skin

⭐ Don’t take your frustrations out on those around you

⭐ Don’t become obsessed with outwitting shadows

⭐ Don’t let your materialistic goals consume you

⭐ you should learn how to properly fight too, something like that might come in handy for a Henchman…

⭐ Stick to your strengths: like smouldering and causing massive swoons,

because you’re oh so good at it ❤

Cat Fight

RA Character challenge

5.) Least Favorite Female Character



There may be other female characters who annoy me (Sarah Caulfield) or make me want to throttle them for their actions (Marian) but it’s Isabella that I like the least. Guy’s sister was the jilted sibling who morphed into the conniving villain as she exacted her revenge towards him and all men who held power over her.


but I saw her more as someone who was blinded by bitterness and let herself get jostled around amongst the politics that surrounded her. She thought of herself as a panther, slinking around in the shadows while she waited for her moment to strike, but really she was nothing more than a feral cat.


If she would have focused all of that anger maybe she could have accomplished something that was lasting, instead of constantly letting herself be sidetracked and ultimately getting nowhere.


If Isabella was a character who was confused, trying to come to terms with her brother’s callousness towards her situation when they were young, that would have given her some interesting layers that I could respect;  but she came off as a spoiled mean girl who had no idea what she was doing. If she had a plan, was more predatory, she could have taken advantage of the men’s condescension towards her and used their squabbles amongst each other to her advantage.


Either be the Lion or the Lion-tamer,

you can’t be both.

This Time Last Year

While cleaning up all of my folders and downloads on my old laptop so that my daughter can use it, I had a look back through the browser history to see what I was doing on-line at this time last year. I hadn’t started blogging yet but had just gotten through those first few months of Armitage frenzy and finally felt things evening out a bit.

some randomness:

⭐ this reading nook:


⭐ voting in’s March Madness

⭐ reading blog posts on: Me+Richard; RAfrenzy; Love, Sex & Other Dirty Words; My Sort of Bloke; and Such is life

⭐ this DJ kitty:


⭐ wondering when members of message board in different fandom are going to overthrow me and friend for decorating excessively with Richard Armitage pics

Strike Back kicking gifs:



⭐ looking forward to visiting parents for Spring Break to introduce my dad to Strike Back and force my mom to watch The Hobbit dvd with us

⭐ Dean


⭐ hunting down “The Almighty Johnsons” and regularly saying Kili when I mean Fili


⭐ reading news about Spooks movie, and Black Sky financial concerns

⭐ defending Robin Hood series:

-Guy’s misguided and gullible nature

-Jonas/Joe casting switch personally preferred

-admit to enjoying the cheese factor…


⭐ calling “fake” when manip of Richard wearing kilt appeared and guessing it was Gerard Butler rather quickly


⭐ finding recipes for my Harry Potter themed Easter dinner; Butter-Beer has become a family favorite


⭐ always hiding my eyes when the Speedo shows up, while eagerly awaiting the Flirty-Girty


⭐ this fanvid,

which makes me smile and tear up at the same time:

A Man Apart

Have you ever noticed how many of Richard’s characters are set apart from society, in some way? Thorin, the displaced king who bares the weight of his people and family’s legacy


John Porter and his botched mission, that made him untouchable in the eyes of his colleagues and loved ones


John Standring, who was never afforded the chance to prove himself as a man, living as the perpetual fumbling boy in his small rural town


and even John Thornton, with the way he set himself apart as he tried to right his father’s wrongs while upholding his family’s standing within the community.


These thoughts seemed to solidify for me recently while browsing through some of my favorite Richard Armitage themed fanvids. There is one in particular, The Evolution of Sir Guy by 19bt80 on YouTube, that I find engaging each and every time I watch.

It starts out with Guy of Gisborne lamenting the loss of Marian and reliving what led up to the catastrophic event. As the music in the video speeds up, various scenes of Guy fighting is shown. Then Lucas North suddenly appears, mimicking similar body movements in his more modern fight scenes. Very creative elements; using the palm punch of series 7 episode 1 that always thrills me was a bonus 🙂


The video continues with scenes of Lucas in quick sequence; the scenes themselves have nothing to do with Guy of Gisborne but subtly draw parallels between the two characters. Even though Lucas and Guy are different, this aptly illustrates how alike they are as well.


After being wowed by that favorite, I was then drawn in by the Guy & Marian (my skin) video by HeathDances.

In this one, Guy of Gisborne is being haunted by Marian’s ghost. Series 3 Guy is burdened with so much guilt because of what he did to Marian, and how ruthless he was before her. I found the use of Marian’s ghost very creative, and also the excerpts from the Robin Hood Witchfinder audiobook that the video was based on.


Richard has said that he likes to show the good in the bad/the bad in the good for his characters. I wonder if he’s drawn to this type of character on a subconscious level, or if he just finds portraying the Man Apart most gratifying? Probably a bit of both; it takes one to know one 😎


Going The Distance

Alphabet Movie challenge: day 13

Marathons I watched

Answer: Robin Hood

*you just can't quit me, can you?*
*you just can’t quit me, can you?*

When I was watching Robin Hood for the first time,

I covered all three series in a little over two weeks.

after 5hrs. the TV asked me if I was still watching...
after 5hrs. the TV asked me if I was still watching…

I’ve had an unusually busy day today so I’m going to go the easy route with this one and just post some of my favorite pictures from different episodes,

in no particular order.







non-Armitage answer:

TV:Lost, Freaks and Geeks, Monarch of the Glenn

Movies:Harry Potter, Twilight, James Bond

I’ve never watched a Marathon in a cinema, I can barely make it through one movie without having to run to the bathroom at least once! at home I don’t consume gallon sized drinks in one sitting though…