Love Day

Tomorrow (May 9th) is my 2 year anniversary for this blog. time flies when you’re having fun! knowing that my anniversary was approaching, I wanted to do something special to celebrate. I was tossing around ideas today, in order to post tomorrow for the actual day, when I unexpectedly fell into a Love Day.

The term “Love Day” is one I stole from an old fan-fiction but basically it’s when you suddenly feel very schmoopy towards your loved one and your heart just wants to burst with the lovey-dovey feelings. so the “something special” is coming to you a day early. it’s nothing extravagant, just a simple slide-show with some of my favorite pics of Richard. as always, I’m including background music. it’s a song that has always held personal meaning to me in relation to Richard, it’s kind of like my RA theme song.

(the link will take you to the song on YouTube, in a separate window, so you can play it in the background while viewing the slideshow here. there’s a quiet point in the song when you think it’s over, but it’s not, so just keep looking at Richard…)

We Must Be Crazy– Milow (unplugged version)


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