Whatever Will Be

Music & More Challenge

10.) favorite theme song


I always get a little jolt of excitement when I hear the theme music to Spooks, wondering “what’s going to happen next?” I started the series with the Lucas seasons (7,8,9) but then when trying to persuade my husband to watch them too, he wanted to start at the very beginning.

but, but, then Lucas will be so very far away!

oh good, you’re here! maybe now she can quit comparing everyone  to you

We’ve been watching episodes here and there for quite awhile now (we’re finally on season 10) and I’m very glad that we’ve watched it all the way through. I found that I do like the show as a whole, not just for Lucas. truthfully, there may be characters that I actually like more *gasp*

(Adam & Ruth are my favorites)

dude, just try to keep it in your pants this season

music question

opening theme song for a series based on your life:

Windmills by Toad the Wet Sprocket

It’s such a beautiful melody in and of itself. I think it’s probably one of those songs that means different things to different people. To me, it’s about giving power to the wrong things. fighting imaginary foes and hiding away the best parts of yourself in response. so learn to just chill, be patient, and enjoy 🙂

And anyway the wind blows
It’s all worth waiting for

Fanvid Friday: Lucas and Elizabeta

Lucas and Elizabeta.

Why did the Spooks writers never go anywhere with this? Why?! This lovely fanvid by bccmee is sad but sweet at the same time, and all I have of a storyline that could have gone so many ways and still been so full of heart, no matter the outcome.

We know that Lucas has been thinking of his wife, technically ex-wife though he had no control over that, the whole time he has been gone; only to come back and see that she has moved on without him. The soft regretful looks from Lucas and the distressed but resolute looks from Elizabeta that are so prominently displayed in the clips chosen, do me in each time that I watch.

Pass the tissues please!

The scene of Lucas in her kitchen, feeling ashamed of his prison tattoo and trying to hide it. What must it be like to be removed for eight years and then to come back and see that everyone and everything has gone on without you? The look Elizabeta gives Lucas before someone starts to come through the door and break their moment, is almost like a caress: I don’t know what has happened to you. I want to understand, to ease that burden for you but I can’t. Please understand why I can’t. Lucas welcomes the caress, craves it, and savors if for the few seconds that he’s afforded. To be connected to her again.

The ignored call at the office, the smile of remembrance, and then the scenes of Elizabeta being dragged into the political mess that is Lucas’ life. He needs to let her go, for so many reasons. Their heartfelt parting squeezes my heart; so difficult! Lucas senses her loyalty to him and her longing, but loves her enough to let her go.

Oh Lucas!

*runs away, crying*

Not Fair

RA Character challenge

23.) The Character Who Deserved a Happy Ending That Didn’t Get One

John Porter

This was one of those instances that just wasn’t fair. John did everything right, or at least as right as can be humanly expected, and yet he didn’t get a happy ending. But Life isn’t a Disney movie… if it was, then John’s mom would have died at the beginning of the program 😉

24.) The Non-Happy Ending That Didn’t Make Sense

Lucas North

Do I really need to explain this one?

I thought not.

I Spy

RA Character challenge

13.) A Character Whose Life You Would Hate to Have

Lucas North

First, there’s his whole history of being tortured in a Russian prison for 8 years , not to mention how he continues to risk his life on a daily basis.

then, there’s that whole lying for a living deal.

Pretending to be someone else so often, always having to hide what you do for a living, not being able to honestly explain the odd hours or share your hopes & fears with someone who loves you, while being afraid to let yourself truly love anyone in return- for their own safety.

No, I would not want to be a spy.

Sad Panda

RA Character challenge

10.) Worst Decision Made By a Character

When Lucas broke my heart and threw himself off the roof of that building.


The actions that led John Bateman to become Lucas North and the chaos that ensued when that long buried information came to light, was not worth that sacrifice.

Hello. Kelly isn’t available to take your call. she is crying all the tears.