Music & More Challenge

9.) a role that reminds you of someone you know

John Porter= my father


Porter’s cauterized scar? My dad has a similar one in the exact same spot. My father was drafted into the Vietnam war when he was young. His scar was the result of shrapnel from a landmine. Slivers of metal still work their way through his system now and then, coming up through the skin on various parts of his body; weird.

Dad also likes to kick things when he gets frustrated. Most of the time he just throws things. I share this trait with him myself, sorry to say. We also have the annoying habit of tightening things until they break, and burning food because we want to make sure that it’s done 🙄

Although my parents never separated within their marriage, they did go through a rough spot when I was around Lexi’s age. My Dad’s place of employment shut down and he was without a job for awhile. The stress kicked his binge drinking/PTSD into high gear, which was difficult for me to understand at that age.

I think that adolescent part of me sees the similarities and lives through Lexi a bit, because her Dad was more affectionate than mine was at the time. Luckily time healed our wounds and we have a much better Father-Daughter relationship as adults.

and the Music

a song that reminds you of your childhood:

You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall & Oates

When I hear this song I think of going to the lake with my grandmother and my mother’s younger siblings. sitting on a blanket with my aunt, watching my uncle wrestle with my brother in the water, while drinking Mellow Yellow soda. though in our neck of the woods, we called it “pop” 😉

Fanvid Friday: Free

Another Fanvid from Delicate Blossom,

this time featuring John Porter and the Song Free by Vast.

I really like the gritty song choice for this one, it goes along perfectly with John’s rebel nature and creates a kick-ass vibe to parallel all the fight scenes. The lyrics emphasize the point that Porter is done following the rules and being kept in his place, and so a lot of the scenes featured are of his no-nonsense actions as he gets the job done.


I like when Porter and Masuku are being thrown through the air in slow-motion and how that instigates the music change. There are then overlapping images of Porter’s face on top of scenes illustrating that John has had a purpose in what he’s doing: Katie’s rescue, being reunited with his family, and what he’s had to endure in the process.


And then we end with the iconic image of Porter driving off into the sunset as a picture taken from the very beginning during the Bratton Extraction, where it all went wrong, is shown alongside.

John is free, he’s redeemed himself and cleared his name.


Not Fair

RA Character challenge

23.) The Character Who Deserved a Happy Ending That Didn’t Get One

John Porter

This was one of those instances that just wasn’t fair. John did everything right, or at least as right as can be humanly expected, and yet he didn’t get a happy ending. But Life isn’t a Disney movie… if it was, then John’s mom would have died at the beginning of the program 😉

24.) The Non-Happy Ending That Didn’t Make Sense

Lucas North

Do I really need to explain this one?

I thought not.

This Time Last Year

While cleaning up all of my folders and downloads on my old laptop so that my daughter can use it, I had a look back through the browser history to see what I was doing on-line at this time last year. I hadn’t started blogging yet but had just gotten through those first few months of Armitage frenzy and finally felt things evening out a bit.

some randomness:

⭐ this reading nook:


⭐ voting in’s March Madness

⭐ reading blog posts on: Me+Richard; RAfrenzy; Love, Sex & Other Dirty Words; My Sort of Bloke; and Such is life

⭐ this DJ kitty:


⭐ wondering when members of message board in different fandom are going to overthrow me and friend for decorating excessively with Richard Armitage pics

Strike Back kicking gifs:



⭐ looking forward to visiting parents for Spring Break to introduce my dad to Strike Back and force my mom to watch The Hobbit dvd with us

⭐ Dean


⭐ hunting down “The Almighty Johnsons” and regularly saying Kili when I mean Fili


⭐ reading news about Spooks movie, and Black Sky financial concerns

⭐ defending Robin Hood series:

-Guy’s misguided and gullible nature

-Jonas/Joe casting switch personally preferred

-admit to enjoying the cheese factor…


⭐ calling “fake” when manip of Richard wearing kilt appeared and guessing it was Gerard Butler rather quickly


⭐ finding recipes for my Harry Potter themed Easter dinner; Butter-Beer has become a family favorite


⭐ always hiding my eyes when the Speedo shows up, while eagerly awaiting the Flirty-Girty


⭐ this fanvid,

which makes me smile and tear up at the same time: