Never Let It Fade Away

Alphabet Movie challenge: day 14

Netflix program I haven’t finished

Answer: Ultimate Force


this is not a reflection of the series itself, I want to have something that I haven’t watched, I guess. If I’ve watched everything that is available to me to view…then what? I’ve seen the first two episodes that Richard was in, and then various snippets on youtube.

I’ve seen this part:


so I’m good for now 😉

(original question: Netflix movie I actually watched.

I have the Streaming function though, so maybe the question should be Netflix movie that I wouldn’t have watched if it wasn’t on Netflix?

answer: Oblivion

which I really liked, though I had to watch it twice just to wrap my head around all the unanswered questions )

Going The Distance

Alphabet Movie challenge: day 13

Marathons I watched

Answer: Robin Hood

*you just can't quit me, can you?*
*you just can’t quit me, can you?*

When I was watching Robin Hood for the first time,

I covered all three series in a little over two weeks.

after 5hrs. the TV asked me if I was still watching...
after 5hrs. the TV asked me if I was still watching…

I’ve had an unusually busy day today so I’m going to go the easy route with this one and just post some of my favorite pictures from different episodes,

in no particular order.







non-Armitage answer:

TV:Lost, Freaks and Geeks, Monarch of the Glenn

Movies:Harry Potter, Twilight, James Bond

I’ve never watched a Marathon in a cinema, I can barely make it through one movie without having to run to the bathroom at least once! at home I don’t consume gallon sized drinks in one sitting though…

He Likes Dragons?!

Alphabet Movie challenge: day 11

original question: Kiddie movie I still shamelessly enjoy

modified to: CBeebies episode I enjoy most

Answer: I’m Not Going Out There!

Reading books to children should be fun, for both the child you’re reading to, and you as well; Richard illustrates this wonderfully when reading for CBeebies! The first time I showed my daughter Richard reading these stories, she said that’s how I read to her as well; I didn’t know whether to feel flattered or embarrassed, that I read out loud that animatedly…

my jeans are just as ratty as his too...soul-mates!
my jeans are just as ratty as his too…soul-mates!

I’m nowhere near as talented as we know Richard to be, so I don’t come up with distinct voices for each character

(mostly because I can’t keep them all straight!)

I just adjust my timbre to designate different speakers instead.

no, that was not an invitation to start singing Ke$ha!
no, that was not an invitation to start singing Ke$ha!

In this episode, I like how Richard starts out by saying

that he likes dragons

calm down, Thorin! he's just setting the tone
calm down, Thorin! he’s just setting the tone

and that monsters make him laugh;

it’s a playful reminder that this isn’t anything to be afraid of.

okay, Thorin?
okay, Thorin?

Aside from the voices and dramatics though, I just genuinely like the story! The way it seems to be building up into something scary but never really gets there because of the silly ghost and other characters

(also, I just love to hear Richard say “dirty underwear” 😛 )

and then the  way the story has that twist at the end.

*a twist, you say? that sounds intriguing*
*a twist, you say? that sounds intriguing*

I find it all

really cute 😀

yes, exactly like that!
yes, exactly like that!

(non-Armitage answer: Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory; Gene Wilder version 😉 )

A Reasonable Explanation

Alphabet Movie challenge: day 10

Just right for a rainy day

Answer: Guy of Gisborne

whoops! I mean Robin Hood  😛

let's not kid ourselves, no one cares about Robin!
let’s not kid ourselves, no one cares about Robin!

This show is addicting

in an unexplainable way.

say Good-Bye to rational thought
say Good-Bye to rational thought

When I was in the Twilight fandom (don’t judge!) we used to joke that the pages of the books had to be laced with heroin and the movies full of subliminal messages because there was no other reasonable explanation for why we loved it the way we did.

(operative word being did, it does eventually run it’s course 😉 )

we all have a past, Guy...
we all have a past, Guy…

Robin Hood is kind of like that,

except there is a reasonable explanation


Guy is not the only reason

to watch, though.

there's lessons & stuff buried in there!
there’s lessons & stuff buried in there!

Unrequited love, betrayal, bravery, cowardice, guilt, redemption, hypocrisy,

and even magic arrows!

not yours, Guy...Robin's *winks*
not yours, Guy…Robin’s *winks*


poisoned apples


but plenty of other

poisoned things…


certainly enough to keep one occupied

on a rainy day.

take your coat off and stay awhile
take your coat off and stay awhile


get comfortable, relax
get comfortable, relax


...and smoulder!
…and smoulder!

(non-Armitage answer: You’ve Got Mail)

I’m All In

Alphabet Movie challenge: day 9

Important Moment in Armitage Viewing Life

Answer: Strike Back


When I first started wandering through the Richard Armitage fandom, I kept hearing whisperings about Strike Back. Most thought it was too violent, too much of a man film; well, that sounded intriguing to me.


Unfortunately, it seemed like it wasn’t available for me to view, but fortunately I was directed to where I could view it.. and I liked it instantly! I secured myself a copy straight away before I had even finished watching the rest of the episodes, I knew I would like it that much.


Why do I consider Strike Back important in my viewing life?

It showed me Richard had real range as an actor.


I had seen him as brooding Thorin, charismatic Harry, and now I was witnessing more still; how many layers could this man convey?! There was no turning back now,

I was all in 😎


(non-Armitage answer: Empire of the Sun, starring a 13 year old Christian Bale)