A Good Place

Fan A to Z Challenge

H.) How has your attitude to RA changed over your time as a fan?

I remember loving his eyes from the get go, not just the color but the way he uses them in his acting. Thorin’s eyes are what really drew me to him. that, and his voice. I loved the low, commanding sound of Thorin’s voice, how it combined wisdom and compassion and came out husky but silky? I don’t know how else to describe it. I liked how Richard looked with a beard and how he seemed so well informed in interviews during The Hobbit era. his younger self was more lighthearted but more awkward as well, so although I loved his dorkiness, I preferred the ‘older’ version. I never really liked him clean shaven. it makes his face seem full of sharp edges.

I loved The Crucible- so full of passion and heart wrenching moral dilemmas. and big dusty boots! I enjoyed Hannibal too, even though it was very dark and the red dragon visited me in my nightly dreams in a way that was both terrifying and exhilarating. Richard looked really good as Francis Dolarhyde, like a sculpture of the male form. I didn’t like how his clothing style switched to a younger look during that time. I don’t mind it now but then, it just seemed like too much of a change too quickly. I wanted to like Berlin Station. I wanted to. Daniel didn’t pull me in that first season, and I really needed him to.


The past two years have been rough on me, both mentally and physically. my grandfather’s death brought about changes in my extended family that have been rocky to traverse. then I suddenly became ill with stomach issues that took awhile to diagnose, the solution of which brought about something that was worse than the original ailment! I’m right as rain now (knock on wood) but at the time I needed a distraction, something I could lose myself in to forget all my woes for awhile. I needed someone with a sunny disposition and Richard, bless him, is not that person. I was lured away by another pair of pale blue eyes, someone who checked off those missing boxes of wedding ring and family man as well. in the end, all of that was the impetus, not twitter. twitter is just easier to blame.

Overall, I still admire Richard as an actor. I still respect him as a person. I still enjoy him in interviews. he may not be my main focus anymore but he’s still in focus. and that’s still a good place to be.



Can’t Fight the Friction

It’s Meet Cute time again, this time with Thorin! Now it may appear that Thorin & I are at odds a lot of the time, but just keep in mind that friction can be good.


Meet Cute: Thorin Oakenshield


1.) What was your first impression of me?

in one word: Stubborn

but did you stop to ask for directions? of course not.
did you stop to ask for directions? of course not


2.) What is your idea of a truly romantic evening with me?

this one is tricky, because I know your limits. if we go out, the same thing always happens: we go to a movie, you leave the theater crying. no matter if it’s a romantic comedy or a superhero flick, you cry.



then you confront the first person who happens to look you in the eye, insulting them for no good reason.

was that really necessary?
was that really necessary?


your buddies show up,

when you're a Dwarf, you're a Dwarf all the way
when you’re a Dwarf, you’re a Dwarf all the way


and you all end up in jail. every time.

whatever you're about to say in your defense: don't.
whatever you’re about to say in your defense? don’t.


so. a romantic evening for us that I can actually enjoy, is when we sit around the fire after dinner and read aloud to one another.

no, you cannot check Twitter first! ugh.
no, you cannot check Twitter first!


3.) Something that you’d like to change in me but don’t have the nerve to tell me

your friends. find new ones.



4.) Which 3 parts of my body are your favorites, and why?

all of this:

no explanation needed.
no explanation needed


and your sword too.

that isn't a body part...
‘that isn’t a body part…’


5) 3 qualities that attracted you when we first met, or once you got to know me

you’re strong, arrogant, and have a knack for annoying people without even trying



6.) What is our favorite movie to watch together, and our favorite song?

our favorite movie is Reign of Fire – you like fighting dragons and I like Christian Bale, win/win! our favorite song, on the other hand… I’m sure you’ve convinced yourself that it’s We Will Rock You (but it’s really Heigh Ho).


7.) Fruit or vegetable I resemble, and why

a Chili Pepper, because you’re hot headed

alright, I probably shouldn't have revealed your favorite song. but c'mon, that shit is funny. admit it!
alright, alright! I shouldn’t have revealed your favorite song.


8.) Our first date, where did it take place and what did we do?

it took awhile for me to agree to go out with you, but you kept creeping around until I finally gave in.



for our first date you took me to a family dinner. I spent half the night in the kitchen, washing dishes with your rowdy nephews



while you where off who knows where, doing who knows what with your cousins.

I don't even want to know...
I don’t even want to know

that memory still makes me mad! you suck!

yes, Dear.
‘yes, Dear’


9.) If we hadn’t met, where would you be right now?



10.) What was on your mind the last time we were intimate?

your sword.

oh, yeah
Oh Yeah


11.) What was the first thing we said to one another?

you ordered me to take your cloak as soon as you came through the door. I dropped it on the floor and walked away.

it was the start of a beautiful friendship
still my favorite memory


12.) What do you like the best about me?

despite your faults, you look damn good in a suit!




Fanvid Friday: I Lived

As I continue to see clips from the special features of The Hobbit:the Battle of the Five Armies-Extended Edition floating around the fandom, this fanvid really stood out to me when I stumbled across it recently. it documents, through still photographs, Richard’s journey in relation to his involvement with The Hobbit franchise. along the same vein, I happened to read an older fandom discussion yesterday that centered around where Richard’s career was headed, pre-Hobbit, and so the way this video touches upon all that he has seen and done because of Thorin Oakenshield- it hit me in the feels!

I Lived by KingAslan4

I particularly like the use of Richard’s Twitter selfies and how they highlight the geographical places he has visited: the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Soccer Jersey and his trip to Brazil, the Great Wall of China and exercising in the park,etc. Richard has traveled the world because of/for The Hobbit– the places he’s seen, the people he’s met, the experiences he’s had, on top of the chance to portray such a complicated and iconic character as Thorin Oakenshield. that’s the stuff dreams are made of, and he’s lived it.


Prince Thorin

The first Richard Armitage character I became acquainted with was Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit: an unexpected journey. My first impressions of Thorin centered around the heavy responsibilities he carried upon his shoulders and how he seemed to wear his pride like a protective armor. I thought Thorin resisted the friendship between himself and Bilbo due to a superiority complex, and that it was less a case of accepting the friendship as becoming resigned to it. Thorin grew to respect Bilbo because he willingly subjected himself to the hardships that they all suffered along the journey, while also becoming a useful addition to the company. I still see those things in Thorin, but now I see so much more. 


Prince Thorin was a protector– he was softer before the dragon came. his father and grandfather were ahead of him in line to the throne–he was expected to observe, to learn, to hone his bravery on the battlefield. there is a lightness to his being when we see the younger version of Thorin in the flashback scenes– his stance isn’t as rigid and rooted as it becomes later, and there’s almost a shyness there. Prince Thorin is capable, can jump into action and take charge, as we see when he realizes it’s a dragon that is on the wind. Thorin shouts out orders immediately and grabs Balin to save him from the first attack of fire. but there is also fear. later, Thorin will try to mask that fear with arrogance and authority, but young Thorin wears his heart on his sleeve. when the Elves turn away and refuse to help– the incredulity upon his face. Prince Thorin had a trusting heart. 


After the dragon came, Thorin quickly became weighed down by responsibility, his stance changed to carry that load. his face became closed off, making the eyes stand out more than they did before. with age Thorin became more stoic, his body owning the space around him; older Thorin was solid. he no longer wore his heart on his sleeve, I would even venture a guess that he no longer believed he had one. Thorin was a leader now, a provider, and he would be damned if he let youthful fancies cloud his judgment. 


Prince Thorin wasn’t gone for good though, just hiding. when the keyhole didn’t appear: the vulnerability, the defeat, the loss of purpose. the acorn scene with Bilbo: the smile that made my heart hurt and soar at the same time.


Bilbo was able to reach the young Prince that was still inside of Thorin. the friendship that grew between them was the one thing that Thorin felt was his– apart from titles and responsibilities, from expectations and limitations. Bilbo saw Thorin, valued him for who he was, not who he was “meant” to be. I imagine that was scary and comforting and everything in between for Thorin, but it was real. the one real thing that Thorin possessed.


I see you Thorin. I see me reflected back in you.

Fanvid Friday: See What I’ve Become

I haven’t done a Fanvid Friday in awhile but thanks to a retweet of this video that I saw on Twitter, I couldn’t resist!

See What I’ve Become by MsEleanorShelby

This video is superbly done, I have to say that first and foremost! it’s almost like a show-reel of some of Richard’s most dramatic performances but put together in such a way that it becomes it’s own performance.

The opening scene sets the mood: Thorin opens the door to Erebor, bathed in dusty light with blackness all around. a simple low-key piano rhythm keeps time with the flash of several different character faces. (the voice over is part of the original song here) then a black screen with the words “see what I’ve become”. and the ride begins!

String instruments speed up the music. lightening type effects match drum beats. and we start to hear sound bites from our favorite characters to go along with the poignant scenes chosen.

Guy: you do not speak to me!

Lucas: You destroyed me and then you chose to let me live!

I owe you nothing!

We follow Robin’s arrow as we hear him scream, “Gisborne!” and now everything is stepped up into a climatic frenzy! several recognizable scenes flash before us: Thorin blocking Bilbo’s way with his sword, Lucas breaking down a door, Thornton facing an angry mob, Porter punching Collinson… then the eyes. Thornton’s eyes. Lucas’ eyes. Thorin’s eyes. Guy’s eyes. and as we come back down, we follow the image of footsteps down the hallway.

LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this fanvid!

please hop on over to youtube and give it a “thumbs up”! and be sure to check out her other Richard Armitage fanvid as well, it’s full of Richard’s smiles. it will make you smile, I guarantee it!