Music & More Challenge


38.) of the RA dvds that you own, which one could you not live without?

The Vicar of Dibley: the handsome stranger


I don’t think that came as a surprise to anyone, did it? I don’t own a lot of Richard’s films to begin with but if I could only keep one, it would have to be Harry.


that choice is not necessarily based on which film I think is the best or which film I think Richard was better in but rather which film makes me feel good. I often turn to The Handsome Stranger when I’m in need of a pick-me-up. it’s an easy program to watch, fun and light, no matter which point in the story you’re watching. sometimes I’ll watch certain scenes when I only have a few minutes to spare.


The Date is a favorite of mine–spot on comic delivery



The Walk makes me feel all warm and fuzzy



as does The Goodnight Kiss



I like the bit with Rosie too, when Harry gets all bashful



and The Proposal scene too, of course



I’m also fond of scenes that don’t have Harry in them: when Alice thinks she’s going to Narnia, or the book club meeting, or Jim’s Agony Aunt letters. it’s just an all around good time and I’d surely miss it if I could never see it again.



⭐ ⭐ ⭐


music question: a song you couldn’t live without


there isn’t really one song that I couldn’t absolutely live without and really, if I never hear a certain song again, it will still live on inside my head.  so I’m tweaking this question a bit to: the song that always seems to end up on my mp3 player, regardless of the tone I try to set with my choices. and that would be


Freak the Freak Out by Victoria Justice


I know, right? but this song is definitely a pick-me-up. I cannot listen to this song and not bob my head around to the music or sing out the lyrics. it lets me get my frustrations out and often leaves me with a sense of empowerment.


I’m so sick of it,
Your attention deficit
Never listen, never listen.