More Than Average

Music & More Challenge

3.) favorite outfit from an interview

I don’t like the long hair but with it pulled back here, I can pretend that it’s short. There are probably other interview outfits that are more popular and well known by fans but it’s the simplicity of this one, the casual classiness, that grabs me.

that leg slouch with the hands in the jeans pockets contributes to my overall feeling as well. It’s the “every man” quality, while being just a little bit more than average, of Richard Armitage that entices me. This outfit represents that perfectly.

“don’t go to bed without your Skants!”

and the Music part of the Challenge:

favorite song with a color in the title: Yellow Submarine by the Beatles

because it’s just fun to sing! when you sing the distorted “yellow” towards the end though, it must be in an exaggerated British accent. it’s a rule.