I Prefer Morris

Music & More Challenge

36.) what is the last fanfic you read?

Raising Nemo by Zeesmuse

Nemo is a stray puppy that was found by Into the Storm’s Gary Fuller (It surprises me when I see his last name as Fuller. I still think of it as”Morris” in my head). Gary’s boys have gone off to college, leaving an empty house behind for their single father. Gary is feeling a bit lost without them so, against his better judgement, he decides to keep the puppy. he soon finds that having a dog is like raising another child. Between his dog making constant messes of things and being overworked and taken advantage of in his job, Gary is trying to weather the transition in stride. He’s often clueless though; good thing he’s become friendly with that cute woman who works at the pet store…

do not forget to let the dog out. trust.
do not forget to let the dog out. trust.

music question: a song by the last band you saw play live

Pilot Speed

I question that because I saw them 6 years ago, has it really been that that long since I saw a band play live? wow. I listen to small time bands at local festivals and in pubs, etc. but it’s been awhile since I purchased a ticket to specifically see a band. at any rate, Pilot Speed is memorable for me because I liked the way their lead singer periodically stopped playing his piano in order to clap his hands or sway them around to the beat of the song.