*knock! knock!*

Hi! I’m new here *waves* new to the Richard Armitage fandom and new to blogging, but not to fandoms in general.

fandoms make the world go round!

I’ve found it interesting, the different paths I’ve taken to get to the fandoms I’ve been a part of. In some instances I’ve gone the casual route, lurking in the shadows, while others have become a well-worn path that I travel every day. What is it about the RA fandom that has made me take off & running with it so quickly?

it’s only been 4 months

So I thought it might be fun to center a Richard Armitage fan blog around charting the path that I’ve been traveling, the order I’ve discovered things in, and my thoughts along the way. I’ve talked a bit about Richard to online friends in different venues, so I have a record of things to use as a guide.

immortalized for all time

Pictures, quotes, interviews, and my insane ramblings will abound.

let me make a fool of myself, just a few more times!

My geeky tangents will be sure to work their way in as well. When Harry says, “Sorry, all over the shop today!” I can definitely relate.

what kind of shop are we talking about? do they have a rewards card?

So that’s the direction I plan to take with this blog. I never walk a straight path, you discover more when you wander!

Happiness is found along the way, not at the end of the road


 Has your discovery of Richard Armitage been a slow stroll, a brisk walk, or an embarrassing sprint?

slow down! you’re missing all the good stuff!



29 thoughts on “Hello!

    1. thanks for the welcome! I have a whole new respect for bloggers now, creating that one post about did me in! I imagine it will get easier once I learn my way around.


  1. Congratulations on starting a blog! Its so much fun (well, mine is just a bit of fluff and nonsense which is always fun!)
    Like you its been 4 iddy biddy months and here I am tweeting, blogging, swooning and flying across the country all for RIchard!


    1. swooning is definitely fun! connecting with like minded people, forming friendships and creating memories–sometimes in person–is what is at the heart of any fandom; all very good things.


  2. Welcome to the world of Richard Armitage and blogging. My crush over RA started when I watched BBC North & South in January of 2012. RA now has a new batch of fans since he starred as Thorin. Those eyes of his are mesmerizing.


    1. I’m a new fan but the amount of “research” I’ve done makes me feel like I’ve been a follower of Richard longer than I have. there’s so much to discover! I think I’ll be busy for a long while yet to come.


  3. Welcome to the dark side, kelbel. Word of warning: It doesn’t get any better/easier. Much the opposite! But at least you have the company of the Army *ggg*.


  4. Welcome, fellow blogger! I love what you’ve been doing! And I am so a twinsie in falling in love with RA through Thorin and LOTR fandom. Will be visiting your blog regularly!


  5. welcome to the wonderful world of RA- we’re a nice bunch of ladies, a little crazy but then who isn’t?
    I turned on my newly acquired netflix one lazy sunday afternoon in 2010 to search form something new to watch – I found Robinhood(new to me in US)and flipped it on simply because I love the legends- when Richard appeared on screen as Sir Guy it was lust at first sight!!! that was the first I ever heard of him and have been hooked ever since.


    1. you say “crazy” like it’s a bad thing… I didn’t discover Guy until farther down my RA path but when I did, he affected me in a big way. I do occasionally like the bad boy but it was so much more than that; he had so many layers to him, definitely not what he seemed.


  6. Welcome to Armitagemania – especially the “mania” bit! 😉 I don’t have a blog of my own but love reading and commenting on other people’s!! 😀 My “crush” began with North and South when I bought the DVD all these years ago. Has it waned? Not on your life!! I only seem to love the guy more and more as time passes!!


    1. “mania” definitely describes the last four months since I’ve discovered Richard! I can already sense his staying power, I’m looking forward to all the years ahead of me.


  7. Welcome to the Army! I joined up back in February 2007 when I first saw “North and South” and have madly in love ever since.


  8. My RA path is definitely a stroll and I like it that way. I am watching different shows and getting different flavors of RA at the same time. Don’t want the discovery to end.

    Love that pic of Harry too. It could be my favorite!


    1. yes, take your time, there is much to see! and don’t worry, even when you think you’ve seen it all, you really haven’t. there are so many layers to this man, you’ll never get bored.


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