August 8 – I’ll Stand By You
Fan A-Z Challenge– delurking and dealbreakers


July 18 – A Good Place
Fan A-Z Challenge- in the beginning

July 8 – and everything changed
Fan A-Z Challenge– where I started vs where I am now

June 29 – Don’t Kill The Story
Fan A-Z Challenge– selfies

June 22 – Good Vibrations
Fan A-Z ChallengeTheir Lost Daughters advert/interview

June 16 – Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t
Fan A-Z Challenge– Richard’s Twitter persona

June 10 – Fan A-Z Challenge
Fan A-Z Challenge– finance


August 27 – For You
55 Reasons Challenge– gif explosion!

August 19 – This.
a pic of Raymond DeMerville inspires the poet in me

August 18 – Out A Luck, Out A Love
when I accidentally deleted my RA photo stash

March 3 – Soldier Boy
Meet Cute Challenge. I answer relationship questions “asked” by John Porter

February 14 – because looks can be deceiving
original poem for #CelebRAteLove fandom event


August 23 – It’s Time
why I’ve decided to stop blogging

July 27 – Toothbrush
a connection between a current pop song and The Golden Hour

July 17 – Respect
Fandom. I get snarky about fan behavior and differing opinions

July 7 – Free Form
Fandom. I have a choice, and other things I’ve learned from Fandom

April 16 – Laces Optional
Converse All Star sneakers without laces

April 7 – Subconsciously Speaking
three dreams I had about Richard

March 23 – Hot For Teacher
Meet Cute Challenge. I answer relationship questions “asked” by Gary Fuller

March 15 – Wonderwall
Fandom. how we’re ashamed of our fangirling and why we shouldn’t be

March 8 – Can’t Fight the Friction
Meet Cute Challenge. I answer relationship questions “asked” by Thorin Oakenshield

March 1 – Mr. Andrews
my changing impressions of Paul Andrews

February 23 – It’s in His Kiss
Meet Cute Challenge. I answer a relationship questionnaire “from” John Proctor

February 17 – Meet Cute
Meet Cute Challenge. I answer a relationship questionnaire “from” Francis Dolarhyde

February 2 – Love Yourself
Lyrical Picspam. images of John & Margaret set to Justin Bieber song lyrics

January 24 – Photographs
while sorting my downloads, I run across a picture that still grabs me



December 15 – Postcards From The Edge
what the tone of Richard’s messages may say about his state of mind

December 9 – Ho Hum
I can’t think of what to post, so I open up comments

December 2 – Who Done It?
‘Miss Marple: ordeal by innocence’

November 20 – What’s So Amazing That Keeps Us Stargazing?
Fandom. what it is about certain actors that pull me in

November 13 – Fanvid Friday: I Lived
fanvid by KingAslan4 (‘The Hobbit’ promo tour)

November 6 – Fanvid Friday: Good For You
fanvid by Girl of Gisborne (photoshoots)

October 23 – Ugly Sweaters and Awkward Silences
a dream I had about attending an event with fandom friends

October 20 – Dragon!
my Francis Dolarhyde ‘Red Dragon’ plushie

October 7 – Things We’re Afraid to Say
Fandom. not being able to criticize Richard without fear of fandom backlash

October 1 – Synonymous
55 Reasons Challenge. adjectives for Richard’s style

September 25 – Locked Away
Lyrical Picspam. images of John & Elizabeth Proctor set to R.City/Adam Levine song lyrics

September 18 – Running to Stand Still
why I like Francis Dolarhyde

September 14 – Birds of a Feather
my response to my husband’s ‘Happy Anniversary’ post on Facebook

September 10 – Ready & Willing
I know next to nothing about ‘David Copperfield’

September 4 – #MicDrop
an emotionally upsetting dream about Francis Dolarhyde

September 2 – Let’s Marvin Gaye
Lyrical Picspam. images of Francis & Reba set to Charlie Puth/Meghan Trainor song lyrics

August 20 – My Favorite Richard-y Things
I rewrite a song from ‘The Sound of Music’ to highlight my favorite RA related things

August 17 – What? Who? Richard?!
my family’s reaction to watching Richard’s first episode of ‘Hannibal’

August 15 – Richard Armitage’s chemistry with…Bloggers & how they support his life’s goal
reblog from ‘frauvonelmdings’ where she reads the astrology charts of certain bloggers (me included) to show personal connections to Richard

August 12 – Words Are Overrated
my reaction to a certain Francis Dolarhyde gif

August 5 – Mulligan
my changing impressions of John Mulligan

July 21 – Under Pressure
55 Reasons Challenge. I lightheartedly make fun of Richard

July 16 – Harry Jasper Kennedy
why I enjoy him so much

July 12 – Break Time!
Richard at Comic-Con, 2015

July 8 – Smiling’s My Favorite
Music & More Challenge. why I enjoy the David Venni photoshoot

July 1 – Pick Me Up
Music & More Challenge. I turn to The Vicar of Dibley when I need to feel good

June 23 – Prince Thorin
my changing impressions of Thorin Oakenshield

June 19 – A Personal Approach
Blog Introspection Challenge. I enjoy bloggers that share parts of themselves

June 18 – Still Wandering
Blog Introspection Challenge. my future plans for this blog

June 16 – Novice No Longer
Blog Introspection Challenge. blogging taught me techie things I didn’t understand before

June 12 – One Parent’s Point of View
how Richard’s connection with Cybersmile helped my preteen daughter

June 11 – Real
Blog Introspection Challenge. how blogging has given me confidence

June 9 – A Feel Good Place
Blog Introspection Challenge. the atmosphere I’ve created on this blog

June 8 – The Facts of Life
Blog Introspection Challenge. why existing within a community is hard for me

June 4 – On Second Thought
Blog Introspection Challenge. when my dorkiness crashed and burned

June 3 – More Than Just a Simple Welcome
Blog Introspection Challenge. I have emotional ties to the way Adam Carter welcomed Lucas North

June 2 – “H” is for Hostility
Blog Introspection Challenge. drama filled posts attract the most views

June 1 – A Dying Art
Blog Introspection Challenge. the post about Richard’s messages gets reread the most

May 31 – Look After My Heart
Blog Introspection Challenge. the poem I wrote about Richard garnered the most views

May 30 – Statistically Speaking
Blog Introspection Challenge. when I matched myself up with Richard

May 29 – At Your Leisure
Blog Introspection Challenge. my blogging process

May 28 – The Name Game
Blog Introspection Challenge. the name of this blog comes from… Harry Kennedy, of course!

May 27 – Blog Introspection Challenge
Blog Introspection Challenge. I start a blogging challenge by recalling why I started blogging

May 26 – Bringing Back Socks with Sandals
a dream where Richard gives a speech wearing socks with slip on sandals

May 21 – RA recharge
I look back at my blogging history, as I prepare to move forward with the blog

May 13 – Young at Heart
Music & More Challenge. a recent candid of playful Richard

May 8 – Love Day
a slideshow, for Richard appreciation

April 29 – I Prefer Morris
Music & More Challenge. Into the Storm fanfiction

April 22 – That Lil’ Smirk
55 Reasons Challenge. examples of Richard’s smirk

April 18 – Quick, Before I Change My Mind!
I make a video of myself (then remove it)

April 8 – Do You Want Fries with That?
talk around the dinner table reminds me of a Richard quote

April 1 – No Higher Praise
costar Martin Freeman praises Richard

March 27 – Words
I try to have fun with writer’s block

March 24 – He Found It
my husband’s reaction to my desktop background

March 18 – He’s Worth It
a Richard Armitage image that is worthy of my desktop background

March 16 – What’s What
when I best my husband in comic book knowledge, due to Richard’s part in ‘Captain America: the first avenger’

March 11 – Here We Go Again
Music & More Challenge. the things I focus on when watching The Vicar of Dibley: the handsome stranger

March 5 – Unconditionally and Irrevocably
I dedicate a post to the friend who introduced me to Richard

March 3 – Pictures Speak Louder Than Words
55 Reasons Challenge. Richard’s ‘hand on the face’ pose

February 27 – Off Topic Fanvid Friday: Outlander
a fanvid from the ‘Outlander’ fandom

February 23 – He’s a Keeper!
‘Keepers List’, what do you want to be the guardian of?

February 18 – The Waiting is The Hardest Part
Richard’s upcoming projects

February 12 – Taking Care of Business
Music & More Challenge. I contemplate various career options for Richard

February 10 – Nope Nope Nope
dark dreams about Francis Dolarhyde have me nervous for ‘Hannibal’

February 4 – Lips Are Moving
Lyrical Picspam. images of Lee Preston set to Meghan Trainor song lyrics

February 3 – Straight Up Now Tell Me
55 Reasons Challenge. flirty Richard

January 30 – Fanvid Friday: See What I’ve Become
a fanvid by MsEleanorShelby (multi character)

January 28 – For My Own Sake
Fandom. objectification and guarding our own sensibilities

January 26 – “If”
Rudyard Kipling poem that gives me encouragement

January 20 – Take Me to Church
a dream I had where Richard was a priest

January 15 – The Rest of The Story
watching more than just Richard’s episodes of a show, gives a more well rounded view of the story

January 11 – Worth the Effort
Music & More Challenge. Carol Bolton reminds me of my mother

January 5 – Baby, It’s Cold Outside
55 Reasons Challenge. Richard likes to dress in layers



December 31 – Peace Yo!
selfie with Pop! Thorin

December 29 – Some Lighter BOTFA Thoughts
odd things that struck me about ‘The Hobbit: battle of the five armies’

December 26 – Survey Says
I answer my own questionnaire

December 21 – Accentuate the Positive
I try to encourage positivity in the face of fandom drama

December 18 – Let’s Do It All
Anglophile Channel iChat with Marlise Boland

December 17 – Danke
I answer a music themed questionnaire

December 15 – Playing the Part
55 Reasons Challenge. how Richard manages confidence without cockiness

December 10 – Let’s Talk
I can’t decide on a post topic, so I encourage open discussion in the comment section

December 5 – Fanvid Friday: you are my sunshine
fanvid by Angela C. Ryan (Harry Kennedy)

December 3 – It’s the Little Things
when promo blitzes overwhelm me, I indulge in underrated pleasures

November 28 – Fanvid Friday: Stay
fanvid by TeaRoseProductions (John Thornton)

November 24 – Temper, Temper
I have a temper, especially when my computer won’t cooperate

November 23- –The Music of The Soul
55 Reasons Challenge. how Richard laughs with his whole face

November 22 – Fanvid Friday: Save You
fanvid by Misshale78 (Lucas North)

November 20 – Fingertips
Music & More Challenge. I’d like to see Richard play the piano

November 19 – 55 Reasons
I start the 55 Reasons Challenge with examples of ‘the chin dip’

November 15 – Thornton Ramblings
My connection to John Thornton may differ from the rest of the fandom

November 12 – Button, Button, Who’s Got the Button?
Richard’s Funky Button Jeans

November 5 – I Gotta Feeling
Music & More Challenge. Richard reads Code Poem For The French Resistance

November 3 – F-O-X
Music & More Challenge. if Richard could star in You’ve Got Mail

November 1 – Fanvid Friday: 2fer
two Guy of Gisborne fanvids by Delicate Blossom

October 31 – What’s In a Name?
I change my username from kelbel75 to KellyDS

October 28 – Last Call
deadline for The Thorin Project

October 28 – I’m Sensing a Theme…
Music & More Challenge. storylines that made me sad

October 24 – Fanvid Friday: I’m Gonna Lose You
fanvid by elvirasweeny (Guy of Gisborne)

October 23 – Thorin On The Brain
a contestant on Cutthroat Kitchen reminded me of Thorin

October 22 – Update: The Thorin Project
quotes have been collected and the book is being organized

October 20 – Bluff
Lyrical Picspam. images from The Hobbit trilogy set to Pilot Speed song lyrics

October 20 – Magic
Music & More Challenge. George Stroumboulopoulos interview

October 13 – FF Gateway
Music & More Challenge. Trudy Brasure’s A Heart for Milton (North & South fanfiction)

October 10 – Fanvid Friday: She Visits Me
fanvid by MoonlightRus (Guy of Gisborne)

October 10 – The Hang Over
Music & More Challenge. Victoria & Albert Museum photoshoot

October 9 – To Fly
Music & More Challenge. teenage Richard

October 9 – Swisher Armitage, a man for all ages
reblog of a post from Preoccupied with Armitage about her little girl’s nickname for Richard

October 7 – sorry to be cheeky…
I clarify what type of submissions we’d like for The Thorin Project book

October 6 – just a few notes
a few additional notes about The Thorin Project

October 6 –The Thorin Project
fellow blogger ‘Guylty’ and I ask readers to submit thoughts about Thorin for a special book

October 3 – Fanvid Friday: Stranger in Moscow
fanvid by Delicate Blossom (Lucas North)

October 1 – Something Good
Music & More Challenge. if Richard were to star in a The Sound of Music remake

September 29 – Words Are Clever, Hands Are Better
Music & More Challenge. talking with your hands

September 26 – Fanvid Friday: Endlessly
fanvid by Vogon Fan Vids (multi character)

September 25 – Catastrophe
that time my cats tried to kill me

September 23 – Manipulate
Music & More Challenge. favorite RA fandom meme

September 22 – Waltzing Matilda
Music & More Challenge. a song by The Pogues

September 19 – Fanvid Friday: Valentine
fanvid by mezzym01 (off screen Richard)

September 18 – A Momentary Distraction
Music & More Challenge. Lee Preston from Cold Feet

September 15 – UberSuperDuper
Music & More Challenge. messages Richard wrote to the fans while filming in Hungary

September 12 – Fanvid Friday: Sexy Back 3
fanvid by HeathDances (multi character)

September 12 – Love Me
Music & More Challenge. if Richard would sing Elvis

September 11 – Yearning
Music & More Challenge. a North & South fanfiction story by gusmi

September 10 – Jubilation
Music & More Challenge. John Standring is adorable

September 9 – The Female of The Species
Music & More Challenge. greendragon from TheOneRing.Net

September 7 – Too Good to Be True
Music & More Challenge. the Glamour photoshoot

September 5 – Pieces
fanvid by mccpepper (Guy of Gisborne)

September 5 – What’s My Line?
Music & More Challenge. how Richard feels about Guy of Gisborne

September 4 – Escape
Music & More Challenge. I still don’t own MI-5

September 3 – The Least
Music & More Challenge. Harry’s pink windbreaker

September 2 – Whatever Will Be
Music & More Challenge. MI-5 theme song

August 31 – Scars
Music & More Challenge. similarities between John Porter and my father

August 29 – Fanvid Friday: something beautiful
fanvid by rijyezh (Harry Kennedy)

August 29 – The Eye…brows Have It
Music & More Challenge. Richard’s raised eyebrows

August 28 – Favorite Cover
Music & More Challenge. Robin Hood DVD cover

August 27 – Appreciation is Key
Music & More Challenge. Sparkhouse and Guy of Gisborne fanfiction stories

August 26 – Miracle Worker
Music & More Challenge. watching Harry Kennedy is my favorite escape

August 25 – because it makes me smile
Max Deacon’s ALS ice bucket challenge

August 25 – Ordinarily Beautiful
Music & More Challenge. the open shirt and damp hair look

August 24 – More Than Average
Music & More Challenge. the jacket and jeans look from WonderCon

August 23 – Black Seems to Suit Me
Music & More Challenge. BBC America interview

August 22 – Think it Through, Armitage!
I start the Music & More Challenge with an Into the Storm interview

August 20 – Say What?
how I come up with the picture captions

August 15 – Over the Sea to Skye
my ill fated trip to Scotland: sightseeing

August 11 – Thrillers Are Supposed to Be Thrilling
Into the Storm

August 6 – Murphy’s Law: part three
my ill fated trip to Scotland: traffic accidents

August 2 – Murphy’s Law: part two
my ill fated trip to Scotland: finally on our way

August 1 – Murphy’s Law: part one
my ill fated trip to Scotland: plane delays

July 21 – Scotland the Brave
I prepare for my trip to Scotland

July 18 – Fanvid Friday: Need Your Love So Bad
fanvid by werewolfie10na (Guy of Gisborne)

July 18 – How to Write a Fan Letter
Wiki How‘s steps for writing a fan letter

July 14 – Look Back At Me
what I’ve learned about myself and my fangirling (so far)

July 11 – Fanvid Friday: Romantic Moments
fanvid by Angela Smith (multi character)

July 10 – Oh.My.Gawd.
video for the Esquire photoshoot

July 8 – Frickity Frack!
I wrote a fan letter to Richard

July 2 – Stage Door: dos and don’ts
lighthearted advice for Stage Door etiquette

June 30 – “Into the Storm” vs “The Crucible” confession
why I’m looking forward to Into the Storm more

June 27 – Fanvid Friday: Feeling Good
fanvid by Elvira Sweeney (Mulligan/Gisborne)

June 25 – Barefootin’
Insider Access interview: feet identity

June 20 – Fanvid Friday: Lullaby
fanvid by Delicate Blossom (multi character)

June 18 – Meant to Be
I match myself with Richard using biorhythms and Zodiac signs

June 13 – Fanvid Friday: Jungle Drum
fanvid by TeaRoseProductions (Harry Kennedy)

June 11 – I’d Do Anything for Love (but I won’t do that)
dream I had about Clint Eastwood

June 6 – Lucas and Elizabeta
fanvid by bccmee

June 3 – I Need You to Need Me
why I like Carol Bolton (Sparkhouse)

May 30 – Fanvid Friday: Free
fanvid by Delicate Blossom (John Porter)

May 28 – You Raise Me Up
portraying the “good guy” is underrated

May 23 – Fanvid Friday: Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You
fanvid by Delicate Blossom (Harry Kennedy)

May 21 – A Perfect Mix
Popcorn Taxi Q&A event, Sydney Australia

May 16 – Fanvid Friday: My Confession
fanvid by Olery St (Guy of Gisborne)

May 12 – I’d Watch That
RA Character Challenge. I’d like to see Richard portray some romance

May 10 – You Only Live Once
RA Character Challenge. what I would have done differently if I were Harry Kennedy

May 9 – Thrilling!
RA Character Challenge. scene from The Hobbit: an unexpected journey

May 8 – My Moment
RA Character Challenge. Thorin’s voice

May 7 – Release
a poem I wrote about Richard

May 6 – Stalwart and True
RA Character Challenge. John Standring’s storyline

May 5 – Brotherhood of The Blade
RA Character Challenge. imagined conversation between Guy of Gisborne & Alan A Dale

May 4 – Not Fair
RA Character Challenge. the unhappy endings of Porter and Lucas

May 1 – Superficial
RA Character Challenge. three good things about Percy Courtenay

April 30 – Friends and Enemies
RA Character Challenge. various characters I would match with those titles

April 29 – What is Your Quest?
Fandom. advice on how to deal with fandom trolls

April 28 – Heil Hydra
RA Character Challenge. Heinz Kruger’s accent

April 25 – A Heightened Experience
RA Character Challenge. Ricky Deeming’s accent

April 25 – A Good Fit
title for the third Hobbit film

April 24 – Just Right
RA Character Challenge. John Porter’s hair

April 23 – Do’s and Don’ts
RA Character Challenge. don’t be like Guy of Gisborne

April 22 – I Spy
RA Character Challenge. why I wouldn’t want to be a spy

April 21 – Trading Places
RA Character Challenge. what I admire about Ricky Deeming

April 17 – Justified
RA Character Challenge. Heinz deserved what he got

April 17 – Help Me Decide!
blog decisions

April 16 – Sad Panda
RA Character Challenge. Lucas and his (very) bad decision

April 15 – Just Be
RA Character Challenge. why I find John Standring inspiring

April 14 – It’s a Tie
RA Character Challenge. my least favorite Harry Kennedy outfit

April 13 – My Kind of Perfection
RA Character Challenge. my favorite Harry Kennedy outfit

April 12 – Feel
RA Character Challenge. Lucas North & Sarah Caulfield

April 11 – Cat Fight
RA Character Challenge. Isabella from Robin Hood

April 10 – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart
RA Character Challenge. Percy Courtenay from Miss Marie Lloyd

April 9 – Puppy Love
RA Character Challenge. Harry & Geraldine

April 8 – A Real Chance
RA Character Challenge. Lisa Bolton from Sparkhouse

April 7 – I Feel Pretty! Oh So Pretty!
I explain the RA Character Challenge 

April 3 – Delight in Disorder
images of Richard set to a Robert Herrick poem

March 31 – You Don’t Know
Lyrical Picspam. images of Lucas & Maya set to Milow song lyrics

March 27 – When You Dream
a dream I had about escorting Richard around a film makers convention

March 26 – This Time Last Year
a look at my browser history

March 21 – A Man Apart
examples of how RA characters tend to be loners

March 19 – Some Like it Hot
Richard taste tests Thia Green Curry on The Lorraine Show

March 17 – Casting Spells
interview with the casting director of The Hobbit

March 12 – Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do
my stubborn streak

March 10 – Electric Thornton
images of John Thornton set to a Walt Whitman poem

March 6 – Temperance vs Gluttony
how Lucas embodies temperance, and Percy Courtenay gluttony

March 2 – I’m Sorry Sir, I Can’t Answer That Question!
Strike Back: episode one, part two

February 28 – Chastity vs Lust
how Mr. Thornton embodies chastity, and Lee Preston lust

February 26 – I Lay My Life for Your Sake
Strike Back: episode one, part one

February 25 – I’m Only Sleeping
images of RA characters sleeping

February 23 – Leather
Richard’s leather jackets

February 22 – Off Topic: selfie
I get new glasses and share a picture of myself

February 21 – Skin
XXX in Richard’s future?

February 20 – Upsetting for So Many Reasons
Lucas’ demise

February 20 – clarification
more in depth explanation about why I want to distance myself from the AA

February 18 – An Honorable Discharge
distancing myself from “The Armitage Army”

February 17 – What Will it Be?
anticipating Richard’s next project

February 16 – Harry Is
Harry Kennedy appreciation post

February 16 – A Gentle Reminder
Richard quote in relation to fandom drama

February 14 – Rebel Yell
George Gently: gently go man

February 14 – Friday I’m in Love
images of Richard set to song lyrics by The Cure

February 12 – Sweet and Salty
chocolate covered pretzels are one of my favorite snacks

February 11 – With Sugar On Top
I’d like to see Richard in a remake of ‘It Happened One Night’

February 10 – Where People Understand You
a Lucas quote that resonates with me

February 9 – Over and Over Again
I prefer to do my Armitage watching on the computer

February 9 – Slightly Off Topic
a Walking Dead inspired dream

February 8 – I Kind of Like it
I’ve watched The Hobbit: an unexpected journey a lot

February 7 – Never Let it Fade Away
I haven’t finished watching Ultimate Force yet

February 7 – I’m Going Back to The Start
I try to put fandom drama behind me

February 6 – Going the Distance
favorite images from Robin Hood

February 5 – What Dreams Are Made Of
I’d like to visit the Yorkshire Dales (Sparkhouse)

February 4 – He Likes Dragons?!
CBeebies: I’m not going out there!

February 3 – A Reasonable Explanation
Robin Hood, perfect for a rainy day

February 3 – Happy Birthday, Kelbel!
fellow blogger, morrighan’s muse, makes me a fanvid

February 2 – I’m All In
how Strike Back was important in my RA viewing life

February 1 – A Pleasant Surprise
Claude Monet in The Impressionists

January 31 – Lights, Camera, Action!
I like Richard in action movies

January 30 – Still Into You
Paramore song lyrics help illustrate how I feel about The Hobbit trilogy

January 29 – Classic, Pure Gold
why The Vicar of Dibley: the handsome stranger, is my favorite

January 28 – Visually Stunning
I’d like to see Richard in a Frank Darabont directed film

January 27 – Come Live With Me and Be My Love
images of John Standring set to Christopher Marlowe poem

January 26 – That Thing You Do!
I’d like to see Richard star in an adaptation of The Winter of Our Discontent

January 25 – The Things We Do For Love
I start the ‘Alphabet Movie Challenge’ with anticipating the release of Into the Storm

January 21 – Contemplative
I answer the Proust Questionnaire

January 15 – What Separates Richard From All The Rest?
a more serious look at why I admire Richard

January 14 – See Me, Feel Me: part 2
lighthearted look at how Porter, Standring, and Guy make me feel

January 13 – See Me, Feel Me: part 1
lighthearted look at how Thorin, Harry, and Lucas make me feel

January 11 – A Conversation with Richard: in gifs
an imagined conversation with Richard

January 7 – Conditions Continue to Look Grim
how snowy weather is impacting my home life

January 5 – Oh, It Doesn’t Show Signs of Stopping…
images of Richard in sweaters


December 30 – Hickory Dickory Dock
Sunday Times 2006 photoshoot images, and that time a mouse ran up my leg

December 28 – I Must Bide
evaluating the direction I want to take this blog

December 24 – Just Be Merry!
Christmas wishes

December 19 – Canting Dragon, Crouching Spiders
The Hobbit: the desolation of Smaug

December 17 – Three’s Company
images of Guy, Marian, & The Sheriff set to lyrics of a television theme song

December 13 – The Anticipation is Torture!
remembering how I had waited for Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit

December 10 – Thank You, Peter
images of Richard set to Peter McWilliams poetry

December 6 – Totes McGotes!
Images of Richard set to the dialogue of a television commercial

December 3 – Feel Flows
a The Hobbit: the desolation of Smaug Premiere interview

November 25 – Salvation Lies Within
The Shawshank Redemption and The Vicar of Dibley similarity

November 22 – She Visits Me
favorite Guy of Gisborne quotes

November 19 – Just Give Me a Reason
images of Paul & Alona set to Pink/Nate Ruess song lyrics

November 15 – Sparkhouse: the important parts
short summary of Sparkhouse, accompanied by Ella Wheeler Wilcox poem

November 12 – Interview Richard
Richard’s persona during interviews

November 6 – “H” is for Honesty
rant about fandom related issues

October 31 – Appealing
Robin Hood behind-the-scenes feature ‘Hood Academy’

October 28 – Simplicity
Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood

October 24 – Quiet Determination
quotes from others about Richard’s acting

October 22 – Nobody Says It Better
favorite Richard quotes

October 13 – When I’m Gone
images of Thorin set to lyrics of the Anna Kendrick/Pitch Perfect song

October 10 – A Life in The Day
the Sunday Times- if looks could kill article detailing a typical day in Richard’s life

October 7 – Welcome Home
the short friendship of Lucas North & Adam Carter

October 3 – These Dreams of You
more of my RA playlist

October 1 – Highly Distracting
Richard’s commercial voice work

September 26 – Wicked Game
images of Lucas & Sarah set to Chris Issak song lyrics

September 24 – “G” is for Gallant
how certain RA characters embody the word

September 19 – Standring on The Brain
how I “saw” John Strandring at every turn during a local festival

September 17 – Blurred Lines
images of John Standring set to Robin Thicke song lyrics

September 13 – Live Together, Die Alone
advice on surviving Fandom

September 12 – Creating a Legend
Comic-Con 2012 interview that shaped my impressions of who Richard is

September 10 – Delayed Gratification
North & South

September 7 – The Finish Line
I wrap up the 30 Day Challenge with my favorite RA picture

September 6 – Casual, of Course
Richard in jackets and jeans

September 5 – Nowhere in Particular
Harry’s brown jacket

September 5 – Here’s a Story
I rewrite the Brady Bunch theme song

September 4 – Seriously?
gif explosion!

September 3 – Playing Favorites
a few of my favorite RA related sites

September 2 – His Voice is Out of This World
I’d love to hear Richard reading The Talisman

September 1 – Time Keeps On Slippin’ Away
tiny cameo Thorin?

August 31 – There’s Something About You…
my RA inspired playlist

August 30 – I Just Don’t Like It
my least favorite photo

August 29 – We Think You Got a Lot of Potential
I’d like to see Richard in his early performance of Staged

August 28 –“Hi”
what would I say if I ever met Richard

August 27 – Boys Will Be Boys
reimagined day of John Porter and Gerald Baxter

August 26 – Colleagues Are Okay
friendship of Lucas & Ros

August 25 – ‘Tis Better to Have Loved and Lost…
pairing up Guy & Meg from Robin Hood

August 24 – Oh, My!
I don’t want Richard to play Christian Grey

August 23 – Please, Please, Pretty Please?
quotes from Deborah Harkness’ A Discovery of Witches that resemble Richard

August 22 – This One Day
a personal quote of Richard’s, and a wish for his birthday

August 21 – On The Right Track
Alec Track in The Golden Hour

August 21 – False Hope
Mr.Thornton’s insecurities

August 20 – Stand By Your Man
that time Richard said he had urges…

August 19 – Charmingly Endearing
Richard’s penchant for self-depreciation

August 18 – The Leg Bone’s Connected to The…
Richard’s eyes, thumb, and long legs

August 17 – Just the Facts, Please
Ricky Deeming, in as few words as possible

August 17 – True Character
favorite pictures of various RA characters and what they represent to me

August 16 – Fly, You Fool!
the Lucas North ‘end’ scene

August 15 – The Secret is Out
my favorite scene from The Vicar of Dibley: the handsome stranger

August 14 – “Brilliant Fun”
Richard’s Radio5 Live interview with Richard Bacon, 2010

August 13 – Explosion of Blue
David Venni photoshoot

August 12 – “F” is for Feeling
I pair RA character images with the text of a children’s book by Joan Walsh Anglund

August 12 – He Has His Moments
my least favorite character, Heinz Kruger

August 11 – Adjective, Please?
my favorite character, Harry Kennedy

August 10 – I’m Gonna Knock You Out
How the role of John Porter made me fall for Richard

August 9 – All My Thanks to Thorin
looking back on my RA fangirling so far, and starting the 30 Day Challenge

August 7 – Udderly Outlandish!
how a passage from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander reminded me of Richard & Martin Freeman

August 5 – A Tale of Two Philips
Philip Turner from ‘Inspector Lynley Mysteries: in divine proportion’ and Philip Durrant from Miss Marple: ordeal by innocence

July 31 – Radio, Radio
Richard’s Radio1 interview with Scott Mills, 2010

July 29 – “E” is for…
I use images of Thorin to illustrate a (really awful) joke

July 25 – We Bonnie Boat
“shipping” romantic pairings

July 23 – Simple Fact: I like the beard
my preference for bearded Richard

July 17 – My Baby Just Wrote Me a Letter
Richard’s early messages to the fans

July 15 – “D” is for Dashing
the varied clothing choices of Mr.Thornton

July 11 – I Need a Hero
John Porter in Strike Back

July 10 – You’re Just Too Good to Be True
Harry Kennedy appreciation

July 8 – Embraceable Me: a fan history
I recount my childhood attachment to movies and duration of past celebrity crushes

July 3 – “C” is for Call
images of John Standring in Sparkhouse set to lyrics of Barenaked Ladies song

July 1 – I Must Confess
at first glance, Guy of Gisborne did nothing for me

June 27 – It’s Not My FAULT!
preferring tweed cap Richard over the Fault photoshoot

June 24 – “B” is for Blood
Alec Track and job dedication

June 21 – I Said Yes
Lucas North of series 7, episode 1

June 20 – “A” is for Armor
Guy of Gisborne’s metaphorical armor

June 17 – You Okay, Baby?
terms of endearments

June 13 – What’s Under Those Glasses?
Heinz Kruger in Captain America: the first avenger

June 10 – In The Army Now
using fan forums and Tumblr sites for more RA related info

June 7 – Let’s Get Personal
giving myself guidelines in regards to Richard’s personal life

June 4 – There Is One Who I Could Follow
quotes from Richard, and personal quotes about Richard

June 2 – That Was Wicked: a poem
ode to the MAX 60 Seconds interview, using poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

May 30 – We Loathe Him (don’t we?)
John Mulligan, Paul Andrews, Lee Preston: despicable cads or just misunderstood?

May 27 – Bob’s Your Uncle
differences between US and UK slang

May 23 – The Handsome Stranger
Harry Kennedy and The Vicar of Dibley: the handsome stranger

May 21 – The Adventure Begins
interviews and voice work that influenced my impressions of Richard

May 17 – Taking It Out of Context
taking screen captures and gifs out of their original context

May 15 – Then and Now: the Glamour photoshoot
comparing my impressions of the Glamour photoshoot

May 13 – An Unexpected Visitor
“meeting” Richard for the first time in The Hobbit: an unexpected journey

May 12 – It All Comes Back to Richard
a Mother’s Day gift that reminded me of Richard

May 10 – Not Impressed…yet
my first impressions of Richard

May 9 – Hello!
why I started this blog and what it’s about

2 thoughts on “Archives

  1. In my view Richard is an introvert and some of the things he says has been misinterpreted. I am an introvert myself and am sometimes misunderstood. People need to remember it is not easy been quiet and lacking in confidence but this hasn’t prevented me becoming a success.


    1. I agree, Jill. I am an introvert myself and there are many common misconceptions about us. people seem to think that introverts are painfully shy and awkward, while extroverts are upbeat and talkative; there is a lot of room in between those two extremes.


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