Adjective, Please?

Richard Armitage 30 day challenge

3.) Q: your favorite character

A: Harry Kennedy

The first time I saw Harry in The Vicar of Dibley, I was immediately smitten!

He was boyishly cute

mischievously funny

endearingly shy

and disarmingly sweet

he just makes me talk in adjectives!

adjective, please?
adjective, please?

A wholesome city boy, escaping to the quiet countryside


who feels an instant attraction to the unconventional girl-next-door.

He decides to throw out his cautious ways, and lay his heart at her feet.


(is that an adjective?)


Oh, and Harry has nice jeans too, just sayin’.


6 thoughts on “Adjective, Please?

  1. I just found myself staring for several minutes at the gif of Harry drinking the wine. And no, I am not an alco. But most likely a dirty old woman *haha* – the thoughts I had… oh, what are you doing to me, Kelly?


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