Alphabet Movie challenge: day 24

XXX movie starring Richard: yes or no?

Answer: No

this is bad because?
this is bad because?

Sensuality and Skin are very nice but…

**this is where one might place a butt gif

or two or three

or certain scenes from Between the Sheets

but I’m not that person


the original question for this one was :

XXX movie I first watched at a young age

How can I answer that without over-sharing?


I saw my first XXX movie at 14 years of age,

it was quite an eye opener


but I’d rather not go into detail πŸ˜›


31 thoughts on “Skin

          1. I have seen porn, and I’ve seen some sexually explicit stuff in movies. If the sexually explicit scenes are part of the story line, they are fine by me.
            My own concern is that the scenes are apparently very stressful for a lot of actors to film and are sometimes used gratuitously.


          2. I’m just saying that I don’t have a problem with explicit sexual scenes in tv and movies, no matter who does them, so long as they’re not exploitative,or violent.
            I had no problem with the scene in ‘Between the Sheets’, for example.


  1. Those two signs are hysterical! Where did you ever find them? (Just curious. Not asking you to reveal secret sources….)

    I’m thinking on the XXX question, but, since the days when I was a teenager and XXX meant something (1970s), I’ve seen so much far more explicit stuff everywhere, including on “regular” television, I can’t separate them anymore in my memory. What constitutes a “porno film” these days?


    1. I forget where I found those signs, they’ve been hiding in my stash for awhile. on US television it’s not so much what you see but what you hear or what is implied these days πŸ˜• every show has casual sex in it’s storyline, not to mention the commercials for condoms and erectile dysfunction πŸ˜› but I’m pretty sure a porno is still the showing of actual sex, though what constitutes hard and soft may vary greatly πŸ˜‰


      1. Now that’s a shame, ‘cos it would have been a very diverting couple of hours…
        Sorry, I get off track sometimes.
        Richard in porn…Mmm, I think ‘no’.
        Sensual though? Of course! It encompasses so much that defines us as human, the pleasure of sniffing your baby’s neck, laying in a lovely warm, nicely perfumed bath, touching a loved one. But I don’t think we’ve actually seen that from him yet. I could be mistaken though?


        1. I am all about touch or a gentle caress 😎 something like the N&S train scene gets me flushed much more than Between the Sheets. of course it’s difficult to get the full effect when you’re peeking through your fingers, so… 😳 πŸ˜€


  2. Hmmm, not actual porn, no. But I really DO want to see him in a sexy-romantic film, in which he gets at least one beautifully-filmed love-making scene with a woman character who loves him back, with the quality of the North/South kissing scene but with tongues. 8~) So many of his characters come to a bad end, either of their own making or as part of the plot. I want him to be in at least ONE movie where we get to see him get the girl and keep the girl (ok he can lose her half way through so we can see him struggle to get her back, LOL). That’s my fantasy for him. Some beautiful love scene I have in mind are, hmmm, let’s see – Sarah Connor and Reese in Terminator, Count Almasy and Katherine in The English Patient, or Kate & Sawyer’s Cage Sex scene on LOST, to name but a few. Sigh….


  3. Maybe I’m a prude, but I wouldn’t want that kind of thing. I hate sex scenes in movies. It feels like a waste of film where more story could be. I get more hot and bothered by the romantical things like in North and South. I find it way hotter watching Mr. Thornton pull off his cravat than watching Whats-His-Butt getting his ass massaged. I can have sex in my own life (theoretically, anyway), but I’ve never had a dude take a train to a strange part of the country to hunt down a rose from my childhood home.

    Remember when you first showed me those thrusting gifs and the first thing that caught my eye was the socks?


    1. the socks! πŸ˜† at least you found something to focus on, I just hid behind my hands! like those Porter gifs where he’s strung up like Jesus making all the faces that *could* be something else and I’m focusing on his scar and going on about how realistic it looks πŸ™„ we’ll be prudes together πŸ˜›


        1. if it’s some random person, then I can get on board with it, no problem; but if it’s someone I’ve formed an attachment to, it starts to feel weird πŸ˜• that’s just “skin” scenes though, there are plenty of *other* things that remain enjoyable πŸ˜‰


    2. Oh god, the socks! But please keep in mind, ladies, that he was playing a character who was not good to the women in his life. And if there is ever a place where a man’s goodness translates (or not), it’s the bedroom. The socks (I bet you anything that was his idea), his selfishness, his utter insensitivity – picking up the phone????? She should have booted him for all those infractions, and she never would have gotten to the heartache with the troubled, under-aged girl. But in my book, Richard still deserves credit for being brave enough to play such a cad in such an exposed way. I think it was a very brave move for an actor to make. No-one is supposed to be turned on by those scenes in BtS. (I still love him, though)
      And boy do I agree, Mr. Thornton pulling off his cravat does it for me every time. 8~)


      1. well, I don’t exactly share the majority opinion towards Paul. I’ve been told that I really need to see the whole program, not just Paul’s parts that are available on youtube, before I form a fair opinion 😐 but until that time, I’m still going to say that I understand why he did what he did, not that having the affair with the underage girl was right in any sense, but that I see what drove him to it πŸ˜‰
        but it does bring up the good point of sex for sex’s sake vs. an expression of something deeper. the cravat is sexy b/c Mr. Thornton is all buttoned up, both physically and metaphorically, while most of the BTS sex scenes are about power or lack there of πŸ˜•


    1. I wouldn’t want to see anyone I admired in porn just b/c of the lifestyle that would go along with that πŸ˜• as for taking it all off in movies though, it’s all about the tone of the scene. I personally would not want to see as much as was shown in BtS again, it makes me blush 😳


        1. there are stereotypes about pornstars that aren’t necessarily the norm but I was thinking more along the lines of open relationships and sex being your “job”, not to mention the trap of getting stuck in that business indefinitely.


  4. I didn’t mind the soft porn in BTS once I’d seen it four or five times ( the first time was uncomfortable for me) But what I don’t want to see is frontal nudity, like him walking around stark naked as I have seen in other films. I don’t mind it in general, but, I really don’t want to see his. I think I feel as Kelbel does. Not someone I ‘m that familiar with. Maybe it’s irrational. I thought in BTS the oral sex scene where we only saw his reaction was far more erotic than the actual sex scene ( the one where they are interrupted.)


    1. yes! (about the oral scene feeling more erotic) it’s kind of like women who may not show much skin but are far more sexy than the ones who dress like street-walkers, just b/c of the confidence they exude.


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