The Music of the Soul

55 Reasons British men are Bloody gorgeous

2.) The way they laugh with their whole face when they’re reeeally happy.


I appreciate a good laugh, one born out of reflex without all the insecurities holding it back. It feels so good to laugh! One of my favorite feelings is to laugh a giddy laugh, the kind where you can’t catch your breath and tears fill your eyes. Or the deep belly laugh, when you throw your whole body into it and the sound just fills up the room.


Richard laughs often, sometimes the more reserved “ha, ha, ha” variety


while other times it’s an uncontrollable mirth.


Richard not only laughs audibly or physically but also with his eyes, they light up with a delightful twinkle.


Laughter is so freeing!


“Take time to laugh-

it is the music of the soul.”


4 thoughts on “The Music of the Soul

  1. I love the way Armitage laughs. But do you think it’s all that unique to British men? (I admit this is why this kind of article drives me crazy …) I don’t.


    1. the article is from Buzzfeed, which is social media generated and full of lists like this that have no actual value. a lot of these “reasons” aren’t specific to British men, IMO, but just to desirable men in general. a man who can laugh is definitely at the top of my list!

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