Whatever Will Be

Music & More Challenge

10.) favorite theme song


I always get a little jolt of excitement when I hear the theme music to Spooks, wondering “what’s going to happen next?” I started the series with the Lucas seasons (7,8,9) but then when trying to persuade my husband to watch them too, he wanted to start at the very beginning.

but, but, then Lucas will be so very far away!

oh good, you’re here! maybe now she can quit comparing everyone  to you

We’ve been watching episodes here and there for quite awhile now (we’re finally on season 10) and I’m very glad that we’ve watched it all the way through. I found that I do like the show as a whole, not just for Lucas. truthfully, there may be characters that I actually like more *gasp*

(Adam & Ruth are my favorites)

dude, just try to keep it in your pants this season

music question

opening theme song for a series based on your life:

Windmills by Toad the Wet Sprocket

It’s such a beautiful melody in and of itself. I think it’s probably one of those songs that means different things to different people. To me, it’s about giving power to the wrong things. fighting imaginary foes and hiding away the best parts of yourself in response. so learn to just chill, be patient, and enjoy 🙂

And anyway the wind blows
It’s all worth waiting for

6 thoughts on “Whatever Will Be

  1. I watched 7 and 8 (there was no 9 yet, it was being filmed) and then started the series from the beginning (and halfway through that, 9 was broadcast). I agree with you — I was happy I watched the whole thing although it took a long time. I felt like the show itself was better in the first 3 seasons, even though I wasn’t in love with any of the actors.


      1. I saw it a long time after it was broadcast, I think during the summer of 2012 (wrote a review of it). I didn’t hate it but also didn’t feel like it reached the level of previous series. In terms of plot I thought it was probably tighter than 8 or 9, both which seemed strange to me, but not as good as the earlier series.


        1. I’d probably have to go back through and watched each season separately, possibly out of order, to really get a feel for them individually. similar scenarios were repeated often and so I tended to judge the first time that I saw it, but brush it off when it showed up later.


  2. I have the North and South theme song as the ringtone on my phone. I like the spooks theme too! I have only watched seasons 7, 8 and 9 and rewatched 7 and 8. Maybe I’ll get into the whole series based on your recommendation.


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