She Visits Me

I’ve been watching episodes of Robin Hood

while I try to shake this cold that’s been plaguing me for days.

So here’s some tragic Guy:


“You know the worst crime a man can commit?



“You have been constantly in my thoughts.

Without you, I no longer feel quite whole.”


“We should be spending more time together,

so that we can understand each other better.

I want to know you.”


“So tired. Every time I close my eyes, they come…

demons. Clawing at my brain.

How can I get some peace?”


“Do it! End it, please!…

I live in Hell.”


“I loved her as you loved her!

I’ll never ask for your forgiveness.

I can’t forgive myself.”

(pictures courtesy of Richard Armitage Central)


9 thoughts on “She Visits Me

  1. You know how on one of the Twilight DVDs you can choose either the Jacob or the Edward bits and just watch those? I wish I could do that with Robin Hood so I could skip all the idiocy of the Merry Men.

    It makes me irrationally angry that a show that was technically for little kids glorifies such a dysfunctional relationship as Robin and Marian’s. He’s always such a bag of dicks towards her.


    1. as much as I like how they turn the generally accepted assumptions on their heads ( who is “good” and who is “bad”) I agree that any lessons that could have been learned regarding Robin and Marian were wasted 🙄

      I think we need the “team Richard” choice for Sparkhouse too 😉


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