Still Wandering

Blog Introspection Challenge

14.) Your plans for your blogging future

Plans. hmm. what’s that saying? “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” yeah, I’d rather not plan too intently. I have a habit of starting things and then abandoning them once the excitement wanes.



here’s your coat, what’s your hurry?

This blog is important to me, for so many reasons. I’m proud of it– proud of the posts that I’ve put out, proud of the reputation that it has. just looking at it some days gives me the warm feelings I need to take me through the day. there have been times these past two years, when I’ve become disillusioned with the fandom, so much so that I just wanted to throw in the towel. but I couldn’t bring myself to turn my back on this blog: the positive way it makes me feel, the easy interactions I have here with others, the fun I have creating the posts. I’ve had very few negative experiences here. as long as that continues to be the case, I’m going to keep wandering along this path to Nowhere in Particular.

I have a horrible sense of direction, wandering is inevitable!
I have a horrible sense of direction, wandering is inevitable!

My intention, at the moment, is to look back at each of the Armitage characters and see how my impressions of them might have changed. that, along with Challenge questions from series that I haven’t finished yet, are the only things I’m planning outright. what I said in my very first post still applies


I never walk a straight path, you discover more when you wander!



8 thoughts on “Still Wandering

  1. Many of the things you write I apply to myself, too. And can I say I am pleased to see that your “plan” is to keep blogging, for the moment. I really like the quote you end on. Thanks for taking us on your wanderings ❤

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    1. and thank *you* for creating this Blog Introspection Challenge! it’s helped me reflect on some things and center myself in a way that I really needed to 😎


      1. Great, that was the intention behind it. I am sure there are many more aspects that are worth looking at. If you find more, you can always add them on to the challenge. I just wrote the questions down as they appeared to me. Oh, and thank you for doing the challenge in such a timely fashion – I have ended up fragmenting it.


  2. Hope we can wander along with you. And sometimes the best things are unplanned 🙂 glad you have incentives to go on and as you once said I think : it’s all about the journey 🙂 there doesn’t have to be a set path maybe not even a fixed destination

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  3. I have really enjoyed tagging along with you on your “wanderings”. You’re style of writing is like one who is sharing their feelings with an old friend. I love your humor and find myself smiling a lot when I read your posts. I look forward to you continuing your journey. 😊


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