“E” is for…





I’ll let you decide

that doesn’t bode well…

When I talked about the 60 seconds interview and mentioned how cute it was that Richard claimed he only knew one joke, which just so happened to resemble the only joke I knew as well, I may have embellished a bit; I actually know two jokes.

-well, let's hear it then-
well, let’s hear it then

*clears throat*

A Bear walks into a bar


and says, “Bartender, give me a beer.”


The Bartender says, “We don’t serve bears here.” (not smart)

The Bear gets angry and seethes, “give me a beer!”

dew it!
dew it!

The Bartender…doesn’t.

are you mad, man?!
are you mad, man?!

The Bear gets angrier and threatens, “If you don’t give me a beer, I will Eat that woman at the end of the bar.”

I think he means business
I think he means business

So the Bear gobbles up the woman, then approaches the Bartender again and says, “You going to serve me a beer, Now?”


The Bartender says, “I can’t. We don’t serve druggies here either.” The Bear, affronted says, “I don’t use drugs!”

not really convincing...
not really convincing…

The Bartender raises a brow and says, “Well, that was the bar bitch you ate.”





I learned that joke when I was 17. that’s my only excuse.


alrighty then. so…

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24 thoughts on ““E” is for…

      1. Anywhere where there is alcohol there is sure to be something weird happening~ 😉 I’ve seen it in the parties I’ve been to.
        I’m curious if Richard would be as humorous drunk as he seems when he’s sober~


          1. in an interview, when asked if he had a party trick, Richard implied that it was to light farts on fire…so yeah, I think I’ll skip that one too! I’m more than familiar with that one already, having grown up with an older brother!


          2. I have an older brother as well, but I haven’t seen him do that yet~
            I actually wouldn’t mind if he did that party trick. I guess once you’ve had a couple of drinks you don’t mind many things~ 😛


          3. I’ve seen equally bad party tricks which involve naked drunk guys, toilet paper and matches. The novelty wears off quickly.


          4. Yes, I suppose it might change the way you see a person after they start doing tricks when they’re drunk. But I think that if you understand that person’s sense of humour you can really get along under any circumstance.


  1. Did you make that up using the inspiration from the World’s End premiere when the reporter asked him what BEER he liked and he said ” What BEAR do I like?” Are you being straight with us, Kelbel? 🙂


      1. I swear, this joke had nothing to do with the beer/bear comment that Richard made, of which I was not even aware of before posting. it just shows that we’re on the same intellectual plain 😀


        1. pure coincidence, that is what this was. I’m flattered that you think me capable of making up a joke all on my own, but I’ve honestly known that one for years. do you need to ask my mom? 😀


      2. “fishier than a barrel full of dwarves”
        Somewhat belatedly, this is the gif that I meant to include with that remark:


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