11 thoughts on “Just Right

  1. It is dark, though. It’s BLACK. Perfect for Lucas, but not my favorite look for RA. Although, love it on Lucas. Right now I’m partial to the ponytail, but I know it won’t last. I also love the longer curls for the DOS promotions.


    1. it does look quite dark in these pics, doesn’t it? :/ but it doesn’t seem that dark on screen to me *scratches head* maybe Guy’s seems darker b/c he’s always dressed in black, and Lucas’ skin is extra pale. “real life Richard” on the other hand, has many diff’t looks that I like 🙂


        1. I don’t like the ponytail (reminds me of my Dad and I have enough “daddy issues” with John Porter, I don’t need more 😯 ) and I wasn’t crazy about the Bafta Tea look either (too long on top) but I don’t mind the nape curls and I like when a bit flops onto the forehead as well. my love for Richard is versatile 😛


          1. yes, my dad had a ponytail from the time I was a teenager until just a few years ago, when my mom made him chop it off. I didn’t like his then and I don’t like Richard’s now 😯 btw, my Dad rides a Harley and lives in black clothes so it kind of went w/the territory 😉 it’s funny b/c my dad and mom are free-spirits, and my brother and I are more conservative 😛


  2. I like almost all of them. Season 1/2 Guy are my favourites, although early Lucas does wonders for my circulation. However, my all time favourite is THORIN-locks!
    I loves me a metal-head hairdid. 😉


    1. I generally don’t like long hair on men, unless they look like historic warriors, then I’m all for it! especially if they have those spacer-type-beads in their hair 😎


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