The Secret is Out

Richard Armitage 30 day challenge

7.) Q: a scene of his which made you laugh

A: Vicar of Dibleyduring the date when Harry finds out that Geraldine is the Vicar


This is classic comedy, when multiple failed attempts are made to disclose a certain detail. You know the misunderstandings that will arise are going to be funny


but the moment when the secret finally comes out is always the best! Richard delivers that shocked expression so wonderfully, it always makes me laugh!


6 thoughts on “The Secret is Out

  1. It’s amazing how few scenes there are to choose from in his repertoire in answer to this question. I imagine there are a few from Robin Hood, but right now I can’t think of even one. On the other hand, there are so many moments in his interviews that make me laugh.


    1. in Robin Hood, when Guy has joined the gang, and he says “where do you want me to sleep then?” that always makes me laugh! he’s standing there all serious, and it’s Guy-in Robin’s camp-politely asking where he should sleep. I don’t know, I just find it funny!

      interviews on the other hand, there are funny moments galore! my favorite character is actually “Richard Armitage” 😉


  2. Yes,my favorite character is the man himself, as well. One scene that makes me laugh is when he asks Ros on Spooks if she fakes it. I forget the exact line, but the way they look at each other always makes me laugh.


    1. Porter can be funny! In the episode with Ewen Bremner (Gerry), when Porter hits him in the face with his gun & admonishes him by saying it’s not a toy…and then it fires- I find that very funny!


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