Fanvid Friday: Sexy Back 3!

Sexy Back 3 by HeathDances

This video is funny while being hott at the same time, and the editing is SUPERB! seriously. It’s so well done, I could pick it apart frame by frame and fangirl all over it…but I won’t because then it will become apparent rather quickly how very many times I’ve watched this video *blushes*

objectification is wrong! so very very wrong…*clears throat*

I usually don’t like the fanvids that flash through several different characters/images quickly but this one breaks that motion-sickness nausea up by not only sticking to the beat of the music but also by flipping the images in different ways. and freezing them too, I really like that effect.

angels sing & the tattoo is bathed in a heavenly light when I see it too, what a coincidence!
angels sing & the tattoo is bathed in heavenly light when I see it too, what a coincidence!

My favorite parts are the snippets of scenes chosen to coordinate with the “yeah”s of the song; the matching up of hips and shackles references; and the John Porter crucified scene: first with how it freezes the image and then later when it reverses. So cool!!

it’s been 3 seconds since my last impure thought

and as if I didn’t enjoy the eye candy, snazzy dance beat, and creative editing all on their own, it ends with Guy uttering “so where do you want me to sleep, then?” which is my most favorite line of his!Β oh right, I said I wasn’t going to fangirl…



8 thoughts on “Fanvid Friday: Sexy Back 3!

  1. I remember when this one came out and how excited we were. Makes me feel old. She *is* a professional graphic designer / video editor, which made me less incompetent at my own vidding attempts.


  2. Best ever fanvid. I have watched it countless times. Then there are weeks and months where I completely forget it. Which is great because when I come back to it, it hits me right in the feels again! A must for any fan.


    1. yes, exactly! I haven’t watched it in months but when picking out a vid for fanvid friday I stumbled across it in my favorites list and thought “how the hell did I forget to spotlight this one?!!” πŸ˜€


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