How to Write a Fan Letter

So remember that fan letter I was writing? I decided to rewrite it. It just wasn’t feeling right to me. Writing to the object of your affection is scary. I mean, he’s going to read it! I tend to think too much, so I had to just shut my brain off and write to him, not about him. make it from me, not from some nameless fan. I acquired this wisdom from some helpful friends; I’m not that smart all on my own! I didn’t know how to go about doing that though…so I Googled it.



What I found was mostly common sense but it was exactly what I needed. So, just in case you’re lacking common sense too and need help writing your first fan letter, here are 10 steps to guide you:

 1.) give a 2-3 sentence introduction about yourself. start out basic: name, location, age. but remember, this is still a stranger you are writing to, so don’t get carried away with personal details



2.)share how you first discovered them.

3.)tell them how you feel, what it is about their work that you enjoy. be honest and sincere but try not to go overboard with the whole “crush” aspect.


4.)tell them how their work has touched you in a personal way


well, maybe not that personal

5.)include some compliments. everyone enjoys getting compliments!

you could have been an Elf

6.)if you would like an autograph, ask politely. don’t be pushy or appear entitled.

7.)wish them luck or share how you are looking forward to upcoming projects

to anything that isn’t Matthew Clairmont

8.)be careful how you sign your letter. no cutesy “lots of love” or “future Mrs. Armitage”. I doubt his sister-in-law would appreciate that

9.)include a self-addressed stamped envelope of the correct size if you’ve asked for an autograph

10.)find their professional address where they receive fan mail

not literally!
I ended up including most of the steps naturally but I needed that push from steps 1-3 to get things going. I tweaked the explanations for this post but you can find the original list via Wiki How, video included! My finished letter did not include Star Wars references or scary warnings, sadly. but I might have worked in the Pina Colada song lyrics instead…


because I’m smooth like that



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