Thank You, Peter

No, not Peter Jackson; though I’m sure I’ll be thanking him plenty

after I drag my family to see DOS this weekend 😉

the joy of getting married, the joy of seeing Thorin; same difference
the joy of getting married, the joy of seeing Thorin; same difference

The Peter I’m thanking is the poet, Peter McWilliams,

for affording me the somewhat plausible excuse to post more Richard Armitage pics!

tricks of the trade: poetry lifts the level of any post
tricks of the trade: poetry lifts the level of any post

I need some substance around here 😛

While searching for something to lift my sour mood, I stumbled upon Peter’s book of cute little love poems; they made me smile, and they just seemed to fit.

(I was going to post a Speedo pic here in relation to the word “fit”

but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it)

*the Speedo, again? I'm leaving*
*the Speedo, again? I’m leaving*

So without further ado, I give you cheesy cliches and Richard:

“You are the nicest thing I could ever do for myself.”


“I cannot keep my smiles

in single file.”


“Love, no matter what you feel it for, is still love.

The object does not change the emotion.

But the emotion quite often changes the object.”


“I look at you and I see all the beauty

inside of me.”


“You make flowers of my hours.

today was a bouquet.”


“Sometimes it all seems to fit.

In those moments I appreciate you most of all.

As I need you less I love you more.”


and now one of my own masterpieces:

*clears throat*

“Roses are red and Violets are blue,

or purple, or pink,

I think some are even white…

Sugar is sweet, unless you use an artificial sweetener

which could possibly lead to your death,

and so are you!

I think, because I don’t actually know you

but, whatever.”


tangents are so frustrating!



13 thoughts on “Thank You, Peter

      1. He really is adorkable and inspirational; much more than just a gorgeous man. I love his smile, especially when it reaches his eyes!


  1. You are reliably goofy, Ms. Kelbel!! BIG SMILE. Love is love, no matter the object. Well said. Looking forward to seeing more of the object/subject of my love in the next few days. Can’t wait to see the film, but have to wait until Friday. Still, YAY!! 😀


          1. Oh, I’m not ashamed to say I’ve seen some movies many more than 3x!! AND I saw The Boy from Oz with Hugh Jackman on Broadway, in the theater, not a movie, i.e. very expensive, FIFTEEN TIMES!!!! Yes, I did. And believe me, that was nothing like the maximum for others…..


  2. I love your poem!
    It’s really cool.
    I think that it’s
    Better than gruel.
    If you should write
    Another of those,
    Make sure you put in
    Richard A’s nose.
    THE END.


    1. look at you, all rhyme-y and show off-y 🙄 ( 😆 )
      and what is gruel exactly? I’ve always wondered; is it porridge? is it stew?…is it tasty, is it scrumptious 😛
      tangent again, Ugh!


      1. Isss it tasssstyy? Issss it… scrumptiooussss?

        lol No, it is not. Gruel is like porridge, but if porridge were less fun. And slimy. I’ve never had to eat it, thank God. :}


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