After resisting Guy of Gisborne for so long, you may be wondering what finally made me give in.

Two words: Hood Academy.


Yes, the behind-the-scenes feature that focused on the swordsmanship, archery, and horseback training the cast participated in prior to filming. “but that’s not really Guy, you say, “that’s Richard.”

(you’re totally not saying that because you all understand, but let’s pretend)


As someone who has no qualms about saying that she generally does not like longer hair on men or guy-liner, I saw this interview:

and began to rethink things. That was then followed by this:

*bites fist*
*bites fist*

and I was done. I had to check the infamous Guy of Gisborne out, if only to witness some of this in action:

I spy with my little eye...the tongue of concentration.
I spy with my little eye…the tongue of concentration.

Behind-the-scenes clips win me over every time, I’ve always found them very a-peeling…




13 thoughts on “Appealing

  1. I completely understand – I also resisted Robin Hood for ages, but eventually was drawn in through watching fan videos on Youtube. At the end of the day, however Guy/Richard is more or less the only reason to watch RH, with a little bit of the Sheriff/Marion and one or two of the outlaws thrown in occasionally to amuse. But Guy is so compelling it’s worth it.


    1. when I was in the beginning of my Armitage journey I was very hesitant about watching the characters that seemed to have the biggest following. I was walking on egg shells because I was so afraid of being disappointed…but it never happened 🙂


        1. I appreciate each of RA’s characters on their own merit, not what other people say about them. not everyone likes Standring as much as I seem to, or would even spare a nice thought for Paul, yet I’m constantly defending him for reasons I have yet to pinpoint.

          and yes, that banana! in the actual clip Robin is in the foreground going on and on about his bow or something and then Richard peeks in and it’s like “is someone talking? because all I see is the disappearing banana…” *laughs*


  2. Robin Hood. How do I say this in the kindest way possible? – Fast forward is my best friend. Even in skipping to all Richard and only Richard you will not lose your way, in terms of plot following. You are absolutely right – Guy is very compelling. Hood Academy and the behind the scenes with Richard are certainly divine as well.


    1. as I said in the last post, Robin Hood is what it is and I can enjoy it for that. when I try to make it compete with higher standards, that’s when it seems to become less than what it is. it’s too bad they couldn’t have had an off-shoot series focusing on Guy; it would have been *very* popular!


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