Hello! it’s been awhile, well over a month! 


oh, nowhere really, just “around”.

I’ve been lurking on Twitter and Tumblr, reading fanfiction and doing some early spring cleaning, both metaphorically and physically. 


a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

during my cleaning frenzy, I was going through the downloads on my computer to scale down the pics I had saved there. I whittled it down to 10 of Richard, 7 of Jamie Dornan, 2 of Christian Bale, and about 15 various nature pics. that seems reasonable, right? 



while looking through all the clutter, I stopped at a certain pic of Richard and… got distRActed.


there are many things about it that still pull me in, and I thought “there’s something there, something unexplainable that’s all him”. as long as Richard continues to be a mystery to me, I’ll enjoy chasing the answers.


Here’s to the power of photographs and what they mean to each of us

16 thoughts on “Photographs

  1. Sometimes I just cannot believe in coincidences. I am not an Ed Sheeran fan as such, but today I watched a couple of interviews with him on Youtube and then looked at the video for photographs – and now you mention him here, too… I loved that video – all those videos from when he was a baby. What a treasure. (I regret that I am too old – there was no such thing as video in my youth…)
    Anyhow – that picture of RA… yes, it has got something. HE has got something. I’ll resist the temptation to analyse the image to death for you. Sometimes you don’t need to know “why”, you only need to know “that”…
    PS: I am glad that RA is still your number 1…

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    1. we were doing the same thing today unbeknownst to each other… mine started b/c I woke up with the Justin Bieber song “Love Yourself” in my head. I Googled it and saw that it was written by Ed Sheeran. that makes sense, b/c I do like a lot of Ed Sheeran’s music. then I just started clicking on all the ES vids to listen to while I browsed through e-mail and whatnot. when I heard Photographs, I related to the lyrics in a different way than I usually do. it just seemed to fit with fangirling- what the images that we come to know so well mean to us, how we make our own “memories” in relation to them.

      I have fun following other actors, and I do have my lasting favorites, but I have yet to find someone who affects me on all the levels that Richard does.

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      1. Yes, the song really resonated with me, too, the way it praised photography as a medium for documentary, or as a memory aid. Sure, that applies to my fangirling activities, too – what I see in a picture of RA is not what you see, or maybe not even what the photographer intended.
        Such fun – all the things we are doing, because of RA…

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  2. That certain pic you got lost in is him telling you “10 pics? you only have 10 pics of me?” Thank you for the Sheeran song. He is fast becoming one of my favorite singers and songwriters.

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  3. Glad you’re back! .. is sorting through not a good excuse for ‘looking at’ ? 😉 I like he’s still your nr 1 too, our eyes my wonder but they keep coming back. I think you’re spot on about the mystery factor too, there’s just something about him 🙂 And that photo is fab.


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