Alphabet Movie challenge: day 25

Your latest Richard Armitage related obsession

Answer: Leather Jackets


I’ve never really gotten excited about leather. I like it but only have one leather coat that I hardly ever wear. I bought it in High School, so it’s a bit out of style 😕


My casual attitude towards leather may be my parent’s fault.

(everything is my parent’s fault 😛 )

They both ride motorcycles, so leather is a must for them. Even before that though, my mom had an affinity for leather coats. I remember being young and going into stores that sold leather jackets, crinkling up my nose at the smell… I know, right? kids are so weird 😀


Lately though, I’ve been giving leather jackets much more attention.

Maybe I should buy one for myself?


(non-Armitage answer: Les Miserables)

33 thoughts on “Leather

  1. Oh, I do love leather. I always feel great wearing it. Coats I mean. I’m too old for skirts and pants although I did once (sigh). And our Richard seems to have quite a collection, but my fave is that long, furred Thorin coat. (swoon)


  2. Do you suppose he wears one until he gets sick of it and gives it away, or does he have a huge closet just full of leather jackets?

    PS. That black one with the quilting on the shoulders? THAT is how they should have dressed Gisborne. Not in a plastic asymmetrical shirt with pvc tubes on it.


    1. I agree (about Guy) and it’s the first thing I thought of when I saw that one. it still gives off that “motor-cross” image the costume designer was looking for, without seeming so futuristic 😕


  3. Richard has quite the collection and he doesn’t wear them out. (I may have noticed this detail after years of … research.) I am sure we will see a couple of new ones this year. I can’t wait!


          1. the interviewer asked if it was true that you needed to use baby powder with leather pants, and he laughed and said yes 😛 I don’t think I remember the orange pants though, what did he say about that?


          2. He said that when he was a teenager he would buy bright orange pants (just to rebel against his parents) and not have the nerve to wear them.


          3. interesting…b/c my son just did the same thing 😆 well, he was rebelling against his dad, b/c I thought it was cool that he wanted to wear orange pants; but he never wore them and now he claims they don’t fit *raises eyebrow* uh huh 🙄


          4. I hadn’t read that article in awhile, thank you for linking it 😎 Richard & I had the opposite problem it seems: he was rebelling against his conservative parents, while I was rebelling against my liberal ones 😕


          5. you can’t link directly to specific RAnet pages anymore. so for those wanting to read the interview: take note of which one it is in the link(ShowPatrol 23May2008) then go find it manually on the site 😉

            and yes, that epidsode of Friends is unforgettable 😛


      1. He has said in the past that he wore leather pants during the 90’s, so, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had leather jackets too. 🙂


  4. Oh, ps, if I may be allowed an off-topic question. Do you folks recommend I watch Ultimate Force? I have been ordering just about everything else RA is in (RH, Strike Back and MI5 – already tossed series 9 for all the reasons you all mentioned below); I’ve seen the youtube versions of George Gently, Inspector Linley and Moving On. (Good lord he is good as a baddie in that one). But I haven’t heard much talk about his work in Ultimate Force.
    I trust your opinions.
    Thanks in advance


    1. I’ve only watched the first two episodes of Ultimate Force that he was in, haven’t finished the others yet just because I want there to be *something* left that I haven’t seen 😳 but those two episodes that I saw, I did like (he’s playing Rugby in one of them, so that’s nice 😉 )


  5. Your Id is calling. Treat yourself. Tip from thrifty girl: Skip the $$$$$ Belstaf and head to overstock.com or a thrift store (genuine pre-worn is more authentic than manufactured pre-worn, and you don’t pay for the lost years!) Maybe pull some gender bending and buy yourself a man’s coat to avoid whatever non-femine “issues” are worrying you? And if you find yourself too self-conscious to wear it outside…turn it into a bedroom prop with your husband. You go, girl! You NEED that coat!!!


    1. oh I’d definitely be going the cheaper route, I’m too frugal! most of my clothes are very casual so I wouldn’t want to go the actual “boy” route, though I wouldn’t want something that screamed “girl” either; I’m picky, this is why I don’t like shopping 😕


          1. The ones that he wore himself in various interviews and social situations were leather. I don’t know about the Lucas one. It doesn’t look like leather to me.


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