Meant to Be

I was going through my computer bookmarks (a hefty job!) and I came across one of those celebrity compatibility links. These are always mindless fun, to see how well (or not) you would match up with the different celebrities that you may be interested in. I don’t put a lot of faith in biorhythms, but instead of doing anything productive, I went ahead and entered in several different birth-dates, horoscope signs, and Chinese astrology too; just to see what the different results would be between them.

disheveled Richard using iPad
Richard does this in his spare time too, so it’s okay

Using biorhythms, Richard and I are 78% Physically compatible. Not bad, I guess. he’s probably too wrapped up in research for his roles to notice me. And yet Christian Bale, Mr. Intensity, came in at a whopping 100% in the physical department. Hmm. Okay, well Emotionally Richard hit that 100% mark with me, while Christian dropped down to 90%.

Because Richard and I understand each other.

"I'm such a moody person" gif

Intellectually Richard’s results against mine  were 84%. I’m okay with that. I’m attracted to smart guys so I’d prefer that he were smarter than me, and at 84% I could still keep up. Just as an aside: both Ewan McGregor and my husband only came in at 14% intellectually.

Jennifer Lawrence string mouth gif

Overall, using biorhythms, Richard’s total was 87. Well, I wouldn’t want him to be too perfect for me, now would I? That would just be torture.

sword practice squat gif
T-O-R-T-U-R-E.  I can watch this gif and still spell. I am smart!

I used Astrology signs next: I’m an Aquarius and Richard is a Leo. We’re opposite signs, which is mostly good but can also be bad. It says we’d have the potential to argue. Arguing gets the blood flowing, right?


My other results said that Christian Bale and I, both sharing the sign of Aquarius, would have to give each other space but we could also bring equilibrium to each other (coincidentally, Christian starred in a movie titled Equilibrium) while Ewan McGregor’s ego would get in the way. In Ewan’s defense it claimed that I was the forward thinking one who cared about humanity and helping others, while he was the conservative one who resisted change; I think it’s the other way around…or is it long way round? maybe it’s long way down…

cartoonish dwarf bow gif
(those are titles of Ewan’s motorcycle documentaries)

I also plugged us in using the Chinese Astrology signs. I’m a Tiger and Richard is a Pig. This match up gave us 70%, while the Tiger-Tiger combo with Mr.Bale only got 50%. A Tiger is magnetic while a Pig is sensual; that combo sounds very promising…

Pinter-Proust dipped kiss gif
you’re such a pig! now do that again

So looking at all of these results together, it seems like Richard and I would be a decent match!

premiere suit lip lick gif
as if there was ever a doubt

You might also like to know that if I were a Disney Villain I would be Ursula (because I care about the “poor unfortunate souls”), if I were a Monty Python character I would be a Knight that says Ni, I should be living in Manchester England, and I am Harry Potter with the Patronus of a bat.

and you thought you knew me.

shoulder shrug