Fanvid Friday: Good For You

‘Good For You’ by Girl of Gisborne. I can watch this video again and again without losing that initial feeling of having stumbled upon a treasure. it’s classy and edgy, sensual and mesmerizing; it represents it’s subject very well. The perfect fanvid to coax me back into Fanvid Fridays!


[this video is no longer online]


First of all, I really like the rendition of the song used in this video. It’s originally by Selena Gomez but this acoustic version by Anton Hagman switches the gender of the lyrics, while giving it a raspy sensual sound.

The images chosen for the video are all taken from filmed versions of Richard Armitage photoshoots. the contemplative stance perfected in the Fault shoot, the sensual sophistication of the black & white  Esquire shoot, the fashion highlights of the Glamour shoot, among others.

Some of my favorite bits of editing include: the way the video chops up to match the beat of the song as Richard walks by the reflective window; how the lyric “I’m gonna wear this suit you like skin tight” is matched to a quick shot of a dress shirt stretched across Richard’s chest in reaction to his body’s movement; the slight way the film shakes and fades from the color of the taxi cab to an artsy black & white, as we hear the final strum of the song.

the only complaint I have is that it ends just as I become consumed by it! no worries though, that’s what the replay button is for…


I don’t normally make split-second-decision fangirling-type posts…until now.

This video.


The parted hair *heart palpitation no.1*

The tying of the shoe *heart palpitation no.2*

The hands *breathing stutters*

Slicking back the hair with the hands *serious lip biting*

The brow crinkle *indistinguishable noise*



erotica? porn? pff! no need.

I’ll just watch this for the rest of eternity.